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Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL)

The Haskayne School of Business is home to numerous centres of excellence (Centres) dedicated to advancing research and elevating education in areas central to today’s complex business environment. The following Centres have consolidated leadership and operations in a structure which allows for a strategic deployment of philanthropic support in service of each Centre’s mission.

  • Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies
  • Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Trico Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Centre for Corporate Sustainability
  • Global Business Futures Initiative

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Jessica Bergen, Director, Haskayne Centres 
T: (403) 210-3959
C: (403) 620-8497

Community Engagement

Lasha Haché, Community Engagement Lead
T: (403) 220-7187


Leah Bortolin, Associate Director, Programs
T: (403) 220-8530
C: (403) 813-2331

Alya Jinah, Program Lead, Innovation
T: (403) 210-6780

Chantel Tremblay, Program Advisor, Industry
T: (403) 220-8999

Abbi Alvarez Carreno, Program Manager, Leadership
T: (403) 220-3508

Operations & Marketing

Rachel Curtis, Senior Specialist, Operations
T: (403) 220-8075
C: (587) 432-0672

Omar Abdelwahhab, Advisor, Operations & Marketing
T: (403) 220-4411

Colleen Kennedy, Advisor, Operations & Admin
T: (403) 220-3343

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