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Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 3:36pm

Haskayne alumni benefit from a built-in network of professionals by staying connected with fellow graduates through established alumni groups. These networks support professional and personal enrichment by connecting alumni with each other and the School. Through participation in your alumni community of interest, you will contribute to increasingly connected, active and successful Haskayne alumni networks.

Want to find other Haskayne alumni by location, industry or company? With LinkedIn, you can! Use the LinkedIn Alumni search tool to build your network and reconnect with classmates.

MBA Alumni Alliance

MBA alumni from the daytime and evening programs are represented by dedicated volunteers through the MBA Alumni Alliance. Calgary-based graduates benefit from coordinated events and programs to support the interests of this diverse alumni group. Connect with the Haskayne MBA Alumni & Students - Discussion group on LinkedIn

For more information, email: 

Executive MBA Alumni Alliance

Haskayne eMBA and GEeMBA graduates belong to a powerful network of business professionals. Through the efforts of the Executive MBA Alumni Alliance, this volunteer network is poised to become a highly recognized organization in Calgary and beyond.

For more information, contact: Luke West, Co-Chair, Executive MBA Alumni Alliance

Women in Business Alumni Alliance

The Women in Business Alumni Alliance was created in 2017 to bring together progressive female and male Haskayne grads who are dedicated to advancing gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Alliance members work with community partners to stimulate disruptive conversations, idea generation and actions to empower business women throughout their careers.

For more information, contact: Katie Young, Co-Chair, Women in Business Alumni Alliance

Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN) Alumni Advisory Council

Alumni from the Haskayne RMIN concentration benefit from one of the most established programs in Canada and form a strong alumni network. Alumni can contact through the RMIN Alumni Advisory Council, a sub-committee of the RMIN Advisory Council. This alumni network represents Haskayne RMIN alumni interests and recommends fellow alumni as candidates for the RMIN Distinguished Alumni Award. Connect with the RMIN Alumni & Students LinkedIn group.

For more information, contact: Jana Kerstead, Co-Chair, RMIN Alumni Advisory Council

Calgary Portfolio Management Trust (CPMT) Alumni

CPMT alumni are part of successful global network of professionals that practice the highest standards of excellence and integrity in their fields. There are many ways for CPMT alumni to stay connected with each other, and support the continued success of the program and current CPMT portfolio managers.

Connect with the CPMT LinkedIn group and visit the CPMT website to get the latest updates on the program and opportunities to connect.

Regional Alumni Networks

University of Calgary alumni live and work around throughout Canada and around the globe. Regional alumni programming is being expanded to provide more opportunities for UCalgary alumni to connect with each other and the university.

Check the current listing of upcoming programs and events to find an event near you, or for more information on how to get involved, contact: Serita Rana, Regional Alumni Specialist, University of Calgary

UCalgary Alumni Association

Comprised of a group of dedicated and diverse volunteers, the University of Calgary Alumni Association Board provides the valued perspective of current and future alumni to meet the needs of members and support the priorities of the university. Learn more about current members of the Alumni Board here.