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Business Technology Management

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Sat, 03/28/2015 - 9:11pm


To be a world leader and driver in the creation and dissemination of groundbreaking science in IT economics, IT management, and IT impacts.

Our Mission:

  • To lead in creating innovative, novel and rigorous quantitative IT research
  • To publish this research in premier academic journals
  • To disseminate our knowledge to students and to the community
  • To educate future leaders through research-based and experiential pedagogy

Research Areas:

  • Productivity impacts of Information technology (IT)
  • E-commerce and channels of distribution
  • Electronic retailing
  • Platform-mediated networks
  • Online data and reputations
  • Economics of user-generated content
  • Business process reengineering
  • IT outsourcing
  • Adaptive control in scheduling
  • Price quotation in supply chains
  • IT and organizational design
  • IT applications in healthcare


Current PhD Students

PhD Program

The focus of the Ph.D. program in BTM at HSB is on the economics of information systems and quantitative methods in information systems. The course work, which covers about two years, is designed to prepare the candidates in economics, econometrics, research methods, quantitative methods, data analytics and state-of-the-art research in both the economics of IS and quantitative methods in IS.  Recent research areas include productivity impacts of Information technology (IT), E-commerce and channels of distribution, electronic retailing, platform-mediated networks, online data and reputations, economics of user-generated content, business process reengineering, adaptive control in scheduling, IT and supply chain management, IT and organizational design, IT applications in healthcare, optimization meta-heuristics, and sentiment analysis for customer satisfaction.


Category Topic Area Amount of Study Minimum Level Description
Pre-requisite (Optional) Economics Math Camp Course or Equivalent 1 week Master Math Preparation
Reference Disciplines (3of3) Computer Science/Software Engineering 1 Course Graduate CPSC 699
  Microeconomics 1 1 Course Graduate Economics 657
  Organizational Studies 1 Course Graduate-not MBA e.g., Conceptual Framework of the Enterprise MGST 793
Research Methods (1of2) Philosophy of Science 1 Course Graduate-not MBA e.g., MGST 781 or equivalent
  Research Methodology 1 Course Graduate-not MBA e.g., MGST 783 or equivalent PSYC 615
Statistical Methods ll (2of3) Econometrics l 1 Course Graduate Economics 615
  Econometrics ll 1 Course Graduate Economics 715
  Psychometrics 1 Course Graduate Psychology 617
Modelling Methods Analytical Modeling 2 Courses Graduate e.g., Microeconomics Operations Research, Math Economics, Industrial Organization
BTM PhD Seminars (3of4) BTM Seminar l 1 Course PhD  
  BTM Seminar ll 1 Course PhD  
  BTM Seminar lll 1 Course PhD  
  BTM Seminar lV 1 Course PhD  
BTM Electives Field Knowledge 2 Courses Graduate Systems Analysis, Database, e-commerce, etc.
Summer Project Research Project Execution 1 Course PhD MGST 792-Summer after 1st Year. Outcome is a Research Paper
Theme Minor A Theme Area 3 Course (minimum) Graduate-not MBA Strategy, Operations Management, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, Marketing, Engineering etc.

Area Contact

Area Chair
Abu Shiraz Rahaman

Area Research Director
Raymond A. Patterson CPA (CGA)
(403) 220-4276

Area Administrator
Sylvia Fuchek

Teaching & Learning Coordinator
Erin Brann