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Facilities FAQ

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Mon, 03/23/2015 - 3:19pm

The Haskayne School of Business Facilities office works with many University departments to coordinate facility updates. The goal is to create an effective work, teaching and learning environment within Scurfield Hall. The first step is filling out a work request form that central University of Calgary dispatches to the appropriate area. Some requests are completed quickly and others may take up to a year to activate. As Facilities Manager, I work with the Project Management office and Campus Planning for large scale projects and renovations, Voice Services for phone inquiries, Property Zone 2 Facilities Manager for building requests and caretaking, IT, security, card access systems, furnishings, as well as many third party suppliers for service requests.

Download PDF Facilities FAQ 

If you have any questions please contact me at 403-220-8961 or at

What do I do in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an EMERGENCY dial 220-5333 for Campus Security or dial 9-1-1 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.  For more information visit the University’s Emergency Plan website.

  • The calls that originate from the University exchange all show up on the 911 system as the U of Calgary main switchboard number, 220 5110, with an address of Scurfield Hall. Callers to 911 need to identify their location to the emergency responder regardless of if they are DTC, Spy hill or main campus.
  • As a safety feature, the “telephone system” automatically sends an e mail to Campus Security, main campus, to advise a 911 call has been initiated. CS then knows the room location of the caller. This email is only acted on by CS if the 911 caller hangs up or if the police phone to ascertain the precise location of the caller if the call was interrupted or if the emergency impacted the call.

Where is the nearest AED Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?

The University of Calgary has placed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the University for use by untrained individuals in the event of another person experiencing a cardiac malfunction (suspected heart attack).

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations nearby

  • Scurfield Hall:  2nd (main) floor on wall near fire panel outside SH202
  • Murray Fraser Hall:  2nd floor wall by help phone adjacent to Law Library
  • Professional Faculties: Mezzanine level, white pillar near Soup Link
  • Education Block:  Main floor, under Assembly Point sign, by room 179
  • An AED is a portable device designed to be simple-to-use by untrained individuals and once turned on, an automated voice will direct the user in clear easy to understand terms. However, the units alone cannot save a person. 9-1-1 must be called as soon as possible.
  • Click HERE to view an instructional video on the Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator.

How do I contact Campus Security?

Call Campus Security’s 24-hour help line at 403-220-5333.

UC Emergency app / Stay Safe on Campus

The University of Calgary is excited to announce that the UC Emergency app is now available in app stores for Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.
In the event of an emergency on campus, it is crucial to receive information quickly. UC Emergency is a tool to help keep you safe by sending timely notifications to your smartphone.
I encourage you to download UC Emergency today. Once downloaded from your app store, simply login using your University of Calgary IT account credentials. Be sure to enable push notifications as you login to allow the university to send you emergency alerts.
For more information including a list of FAQs, please visit  
This app is an important initiative to stay in contact with students, staff and faculty in the event of an emergency. Be sure to share this app with your colleagues.
Elizabeth Cannon President

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

  • Please check out this website as there is a lot of information in regards to safety. (Link)
  • Also, in addition to the link above, you can take a peek at the responsibilities identified for ‘All Employees’, ‘Contractors’ and the new ‘Visitor Health and Safety Standard’ which is available on the EHS website at the following link: OHSMS

Ergonomic Assessment

Please contact Operations Manager: Bree Austen:
Ergonomic Assessments can be viewed through the Staff Wellness on campus. They can advise you as to what is needed.

New procedures for Ergonomic Assessments. Click on link.

Please contact Operations Manager: Bree Austen
Ergonomic Assessments can be viewed through the Staff Wellness on campus.

They can advise you as to what is needed.-
New procedures for Ergonomic Assessments.
Click on link

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits - Please contact Facilities to see when they will be refurbished,

Fire Wardens

  • All of the Fire Wardens are volunteers and as such we extend our deep thanks to them for taking the extra time to keep current on all the policies and procedures.
  • Orientation for the Fire Wardens is in fall every year.
  • Emergency Warden Training - Online Course Link:  Under ‘Come JOIN US today, there is a link that will take you to the Learning site. You may sign up and take the course at any time and you have seven days to complete this course.
  • Emergency Warden Contact List

What is the Work Request system? (I-Request)

The Work Request system (I-request) is a simple way to request a service from Facilities Management. Completed forms go directly to our Customer Care Representatives, who review them and pass them on to the appropriate department or service area. The form is located under My UofC under ‘Quick Links, Report a facility issue’.  You may also find the link under your ‘My UofC, About Me, My Space, Report a faculty issue’.

Fill out the request form (fields marked with "*" are required) to ensure your request is processed quickly. Your request will be passed on to the Customer Care Representatives, who will route it as required. UofC Campus Facilities will be in touch with you as soon as they get this information.

Why would I need to submit a Work Request?

Archibus is the software used to submit work requests at the University of Calgary. You need to submit a work request via the Archibus system if you have basic requirements with regard to temperature control, broken locks, minor facilities problems or any caretaking issues.

How do I submit a Work Request?

To submit a work request, use this link. A web browser will open and you will need to login to the University of Calgary network. Once you login, you will be in Archibus. Click on ‘Maintenance’. There are 9 categories. Choose the best one for your request.

When is Scurfield Hall open?

Scurfield Hall is officially open from 6:00am to 10:00pm, although the building is often open for extended hours beyond those noted. Most office areas are locked before 8:30am and after 4:30pm Monday to Friday and all weekend. If you require a key to the building, you may request one from Jane Brown  or .

If you need access to the building when it is locked, contact Campus Security 24-hour Help Line at 403-220-5333. You will need to show your UCID card to gain access.

What if I get locked out of a classroom?

Campus Security can open any classrooms on campus. If you find yourself locked out of a room you are teaching in, during or after office hours, contact Campus Security at 403-220-5333.

Where can I use a conference phone?

Conference Phones - All boardrooms have conference phones. There is a Scurfield Hall Polycom Teleconference Phone 'Tip Sheet' located by each conference phone that includes instruction to book the room as well as how to use the phone.

Classroom/boardroom Phone number Conference Phone Capability
SH221 220-8585 Yes- no long distance
SH337(Dingle Room) 220-7903 Yes- phone jack on window side
SH310(RBC Room) 210-7470 Yes
SH364(Mike Maher Room) 210-9817 Yes – no long distance
SH447 220-8111 Yes – no long distance
SH473 220-2628 Yes – no long distance
SH465 (RGO Room) 220-8627 Yes – no long distance

How do I arrange for a Teleconference Number?

Call BELL at #1-800-268-9072

This is a 24hour/day 7 days/week service.

You will be asked for the following information:

  • Moderator’s Office # and University of Calgary address
  • Moderator’s name, email and phone number

Bell will provide the teleconference number and if desired, will provide Operator Assisted teleconferencing.

Download our conference room tip sheet.

How do I use my telephone?

The University of Calgary has a Phone Help Manual posted online. To access it, use this link

How does my voice mail work?

All Scurfield telephones use the University’s voice mail system. This service provides voice mail pickup after the third ring, pick-up with a message while on the telephone, or if away from the office for an extended time an “extended absence” greeting can be set. You can save (archive) messages for a period of 7 to 30 days.


To access your voice mail messages from your office phone, or anywhere else, just dial *98 from your office phone or any other phone on campus. You will be prompted for your password before you can access your messages (dial “1”). If dialling from somewhere other than on-campus, dial 403-220-8100 and press the # key-the follow the prompts to key in your telephone number and password.


If you forget what services are available, dial 403- 220-8100 and follow the Help Guide.

Those persons without a Caller ID style phone can distinguish between a call coming from outside the University (1 single long ring) and those from internally (2 shorter rings). Many faculties use this to manage incoming calls, particularly during weeks of student take-home assignments, exams, etc.


VoIP Voicemail to email Set-up –


VoIP Voicemail is an optional service provided with all campus VoIP telephones. Voicemail allows callers to leave spoken messages which you can retrieve later.

And if you want to know about voice mail setup, etc. here’s the link:

How do I get a telephone for my office?

If the Facilities Manager has not already given you your office telephone number (phone *81 and this will give you the telephone number. The Area Administrator can assist you in placing a request for a telephone if you do not have one in your office. Along with the telephone number, you will be given a password that was assigned by University Telecommunications when your phone was requested. This password is needed to access your voice mail messages. You should change the system generated password to one you will remember. To change your password, dial 403-220-8100 and follow the instructions.

Signage, Posters, wall hangings

The intent is to provide an orderly and consistent approach to enable HSB employees and others to advertise on-campus events and activities to the business community.

  • Off-campus and external businesses and organizations cannot promote their products and services within Scurfield Hall.
    This does not apply to
    • Permanent building, facility, directional, or informational signage
    • Any poster owned and operated by the University of Calgary within the building
  • Taping/posting notices on walls, doors, etc. in University buildings is prohibited unless approved by those managing those buildings.
  • For Scurfield Hall, approval is received from the Facilities Manager and Operations Manager and for appropriate notice board locations or the equipment to post the signs.
  • Caretaking staff are instructed to remove all improperly posted notices on doors/walls and they do so on a regular basis.
  • No materials are permitted to be attached to any surfaces within Scurfield Hall that are not designated as poster board areas.
  • All materials posted in violation of these guidelines will be removed and destroyed without prior notice.  The School and the University of Calgary reserve the right to charge a fee for removing materials that violate this guideline or for physical damage resulting from improper placement within Scurfield Hall.
  • Offices:
    • Signage templates with the correct branding can be found in Drive S\templates
    • Empty / reserved offices should utilize these templates as well.  Reserved office signage can also list contact information for the Operations Manager (OM) office in case there are questions
    • Mylar signage can be available for all full time faculty and staff.  The next order will take place in December 2016.  At this time the only option is the paper signage using the provided template.

How do I book a room in Scurfield Hall?

To book a classroom, contact Kathy Weninger ( 403-220-3783 or Kiara McQuaker ( 403 220-3804.

To book the RBC, Mike Maher or Oak Room and to book the RGO meeting space contact Kathy Weninger at 403-220-3783, email or Kiara McQuaker ( 403-220-3804.

In your email include the room name, number of participants, date and time.

Download the SH Room Bookings and Room Capacities

Office Moves Guidelines

The following guidelines provide departments with an overview of how to prepare for an office move in Scurfield Hall.  Please note:  moves less than 2 hours in duration are handled by the SCM Furnishing Team (UofC) and many HSB moves are grouped into one 2-hour time slot.  H.R. or the Dean’s area notifies HSB Facilities and IT of office moves.  Facilities, IT & Telecom require notification 1 month prior to the move.

The layout of a single and double office can be viewed here.

It is critical that you are prepared:

  1. All packing must be completed 1 day prior to the move.
  2. All items to be moved must be labelled.  HSB seldom moves furniture; however, if desks, tables, credenzas are to be moved label them indicating this.  Furnishings that are to be taken apart should have each piece labelled.  If you have permission to move filing cabinets, they need to be locked and you will be notified if they have to be cleared.  Items not labelled will not be moved.
  3. A furniture layout plan must be posted or given to the movers when setting up the areas.
  4. Boxes can be ordered by Area Administrators through Grand & Toy.  Facilities may have a few boxes on site.
  5. Personal items should be taken home and returned to the new office on completion of the move, i.e.: small plants, pictures, etc. Movers will not be responsible for breakage or loss of personal items.
  6. Remove all desk keys and tape inside the drawer.
  7. Do not move your desk without consulting with HSB Facilities.
  8. All electronics must be disconnected prior to the move.
  9. Whiteboards and corkboards should be left on the wall, or if to be moved, an I-request (Work Request) should be completed.  Advise HSB Facilities if you intend to do this.
  10. Telecom will move your phone and provide a temporary password if needed. 
  11. Do NOT paint your office or supply your own furnishings.
    1. After the move, return any empty moving boxes to Facilities,
    2. remove all garbage, you may borrow the vacuum from HSB Facilities,
    3. return keys to Facilities (SH470) and complete key paperwork.

HSB Facilities tracks your name, keys, location, phone, etc. online for University and Emergency Information.

Questions?  Contact Jane Brown 220-8961, office SH470 or Facilities at

Who do I get my Room keys from?

Facilities keeps an inventory of keys for the building. If you are new to Haskayne, please contact Haskayne Facilities ( to receive your set of keys and fill out the appropriate paper work.

Can I get new furnishings for my office?

We do not keep a stock of office furnishings. If you require additional furnishings for your office, put a request in with Facilities at The Operations Manager is reviewing a plan for new office furnishings in Scurfield Hall.

The layout of a single and double office can be viewed here.

How do I get a name plate for my office?

Office signage is ordered twice a year, once in September and again in January. If you need a name plate for your office, please put a request in to Facilities at

Watch for email.

Contessa Chair adjustment instructions

New Contessa chair video: Link

What do I do if I have a lot of documents that need to be shredded?

  1. Go to and fill out the “Confidential Shredding Services Order Form - MAIN CAMPUS AND FACULTY OF VETERINARY MEDICINE” form.
  2. Once your shredding request has been approved you will receive notification of the approval. You will then be asked to submit another form/ set of forms and sign off on them. This second form/ set of forms will go with the boxes of material to be shredded.
  3. You can get boxes from your Area Administrator. The best size are the banker’s boxes or the boxes that the photocopy paper comes in.
  4. Our shredding contact is Suzanne Ell ( She will let you know when you can expect your shredding to be picked up.
  5. If you have any questions, please check with Gwen Gehring at main reception on the third floor.

Why isn’t my office being cleaned?

The University’s Facilities Management Department is responsible for caretaking on campus. They set out and perform specific cleaning tasks as per their schedules. To view the most up –to-date chart of the University’s Caretaking Standards, please visit their Caretaking Service Level Standards page.

If you need additional caretaking coverage or if the following standards are not met, contact the Customer Care Center at 403-220-7555.

Where can I park?

***Rates subject to change***

The closest parking lots to Scurfield Hall are Lot 30, 31, 32 and 34.

  • Lot 30: meant for short-term parking
  • Lot 31: Reserved for permit holders from 8:30am - 3:30pm weekdays. The lot is available for public parking weekdays after 3:30pm and on weekends for $8
  • Lot 32: $7 (or $5 carpool- 3 or more people) one-time entry
  • Lot 34: For permit holders only

How do I get a Parking Permit?

Please note that there is a one to two year waiting list for on-campus parking. Where possible the Area Administrator for your area will contact Parking and Transportation Services to put your name on the list when you accept your employment offer. If you already have your UCID you will still need an ID card. You will also need to check with Parking and Transportation Services when you arrive on campus to see where you are on the parking wait list.

For more information, visit:

How do I purchase a parking day-pass for guests?

A single entry parking pass is available for visiting lecturers, guests or guest speakers. The voucher is for use in any pay-lot.

To order several guest passes ahead of time, please fill out this form and submit to Parking and Transportation Services at


Listed below are a few tips that can be used when you have Incoming/Outgoing Faculty and Staff.  Once you have confirmed a space (by Operations Manager) it may take facilities a month to execute required operations for the incoming. Please contact Jane Brown as soon as you know about the incoming person and work with Facilities on logistics. Review the HSB Facilities page for more information.


  • Updated HSB Floor plans provide Facilities with name, phone, location and title for Emergency information
  • On your phone, press *81 and listen. will tell you the number of the phone at the desk
  • Web directory – Provide the HSB Marketing area with name, phone and room location information
  • Furnishing: we do not have extra furnishings in the building, however, we may be able to get something from main campus. If the room is to be rearranged, the movers may take up to a month to slot in the move.  See “office moves” in the FAQ Facilities page
  • The layout of a single and double office can be viewed here.
  • Photocopier – Call IT for support 403-220-5555 or email at
  • Lighting – this is standard UofC installation. If you have a concern contact facilities (
  • Office Décor – UofC requires offices to have UofC furnishings and paint. Painting HSB rooms or disposing of furnishings is prohibited. Heaters, fans, coffee machines, hot plates, candles or open flames are not allowed as they often blow the fuses or may cause fires.
  • Scent Free Program.
  • Conference Phones – All boardrooms have conference phones.  There is a Scurfield Hall Polycom Teleconference Phone ‘Tip Sheet’ located by each conference phone that includes instruction to book the room as well as how to use the phone. See above notes on:  Where can I use a conference phone?, How do I arrange for a Teleconference Number?
  • Staff Lounge lock system code provided by Faculties or Area Administrator.

Action Items:

  • Key sign-out, office and main area (a Scurfield main entrance key if need be on a temporary basis)
  • Mylar Signage – September and January orders are placed through the Facilities office.
  • Review the Academic Guidebook with includes information on Parking Passes, Parking Permits, etc.
  • White Boards, Purchase from Grand and Toy/Office Max and contact your Office Administrator to arrange to  have them installed
  • I-requests (Work Order Request) – All minor I-requests to do with caretaking, heating, etc.  or 220-7555.
    • My UofC, sign in and go to ‘All about me”, My space, Report a facility issue. Maintenance Request then select the appropriate problem, complete the form and send.  You should receive a reply in your email.
  • Fire Drill – make sure the area warden reviews the process with the incoming.