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Here’s what you can expect from Haskayne’s programs for organizations:

Contextualization: Haskayne will work in partnership with your organization to tailor our programs to integrate into your strategic goals, directly addresses current and long term challenges and supports learning longevity (stickiness) and continuous improvement. Haskayne will work closely with your team to ensure that the content delivered is relevant to your organizational context.

Application and Integration: Action Learning Projects ("ALPs") incorporated within our leadership programs serve three main purposes:

  1. Application of knowledge – ALPs provide an opportunity for participants to apply the concepts, skills and tools gained during the program to a project that is relevant and meaningful. The result is increased "stickiness" of program learning.
  2. Enhanced Program Value - Working on projects deemed "important" by your organization allows both the organization and program participants to realize greater value from the learning experience. Emergent leaders grow most when tasked to work on ALPs that are real, challenging and that are endorsed by senior management.
  3. Tangible Program Outcome – ALPs provide a tangible outcome of participant learning that is typically missing from executive development programs. ALP presentations allow senior management to see and hear just how much participants have grown as a result of the leadership program. ALPs can also have significant influence on your organizational culture, processes and bottom line.

Practical and Relevant Faculty: Haskayne faculty are chosen based on their broad range of real-world experience and facilitation with executive learners. Haskayne faculty facilitate learning by leveraging relevant knowledge and practical application. Faculty will link class ideas through experiential activities and problem-based learning approaches that apply to your organization's context. As participants start to work on their Action Learning Projects, the Academic Director will provide support through mentorship and seek out subject matter experts within Haskayne to assist each participant with completing their comprehensive and critically mapped projects - thereby challenging each participant to reach and stretch his or her capabilities.

Customer Service: In addition to the Haskayne program development team, the Executive Education Client Experience Manager and a designated program coordinator also support the program. Our dedicated team oversees all organizational programs from beginning to end to ensure the best learning experience and highest level of service is achieved. Following the program, participants will still have access to the expertise base at Executive Education, as Haskayne encourages all participants to realize and implement the results of their leadership education.

Let us harness our expertise to empower your leaders to create greater value.

In today's competitive world, an operational excellence approach to building successful and sustainable business is more important than ever to remain relevant and competitive.

At Haskayne Executive Education, we work with organizations on tailor our programming to develop and engage their leaders to focus on operational excellence as a key competitive advantage. In our experience, success is defined by performance, financial metrics and the development of a newly engaged workforce that produces thousands of process improvements and continually strives for perfection through a lean management system.

Far more than a toolbox of techniques - operation excellence is a system in which each tool is linked to all others according to fundamental lean principles. The benefit of a tailored program for your leaders is that your organization will receive the benefit of disrupting "siloed thinking" by embedding an operational excellence system across all organizational departments.

In today's disruptive world, a focused strategy and execution discipline is essential to locating an organization's advantage and building a successful and sustainable business model.

At Haskayne Executive Education, we have been working with leaders to develop growth strategies, delivering tailored approaches suited to you and your organization. In our experience, long-term business success results from your: understanding of market forces; the presence of an engaging, mutually reinforcing purpose and set of values; agreement on your current and future state vision; and commitment to a strategic plan and executive principles.

Far more than a toolbox of techniques – BIG Thinking delivered by our partners Business. Improvement. Growth. is a system in which each tool is linked to all others according to fundamental principles of strategic growth.

The benefit of a custom BIG program for your leaders is the benefit of impartial insights to your growth enablers and inhibitors, along with carefully curated interventions that serve to focus energies and efforts for maximum return.

In today's competitive world, a strategic and cohesive approach to leadership is more important than ever to remain relevant and competitive. At Haskayne Executive Education, we work with organizations to contextualize our programming to develop and engage with their leaders.

Our approach to contextualizing our programs is to work collaboratively with your organization to understand the specific needs of your business, beginning with a needs analysis which will drive the design and delivery of the program.

Each program at Haskayne Executive Education is unique in its design and delivery and includes a consultative and collaborative needs-assessment process. Your Haskayne team will consist of subject-matter experts, a manager of learning programs and an efficient support team. Together, we will produce a program that integrates with your business goals to directly address your growth challenges and support immediate change in your organization. Your needs are our focus.

Business leadership programs with a focus on:

Working together, a customized program was designed and delivered by Haskayne that combines our unique company culture with leading-edge thinking and real-world applications to advance and accelerate the development of Pason’s current and future leaders.

Ron Dudar

Human Resources Manager, Pason Systems Corp


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