External: Room Booking Requests in Scurfield Hall

Event Spaces Booking Request:

The Form should be submitted for requests involving the following internally booked spaces in Scurfield Hall:

  • SH105 Lab Classroom (Capacity 42)
  • SH117 Active Learning Classroom (Capacity 60)
  • SH183 Lab Classroom  (Capacity 63)
  • SH261 Table Booking | NuWest Commons (Capacity 375/473)
  • SH257 Classroom: Tiered-fixed seating (Capacity 60)
  • SH361 "BMO Forum" Event Space (Capacity 314/397) - SH361 Room Booking Guidelines
  • SH310 Classroom (Capacity 42) - SH310 Room Booking Guidelines
  • SH465 "RGO Room" Classroom (Seated Capacity 46) - SH465 Room Booking Guidelines

Please use this link to review the official Haskayne room booking procedures for further information.


Conference phone

Do you require a room equipped with a conference phone? Scurfield Hall Polycom Teleconference Phones