Haskayne Alumni

The University of Calgary has embarked on its largest fundraising campaign ever.
With a goal to raise $1.3 billion. Be a part of it.

Haskayne Aluminate Speaker Series

With the support from alumni, community members, corporations, foundations and partners, the Haskayne School of Business is developing innovative leaders and solution generators to manage our unpredictable future. Our students want to change the world; 80 percent of Haskayne undergraduate students surveyed at the beginning of their program say that they come to business school to make a difference.

The passion of our students maps well onto a future that will include unprecedented and rapid disruptive change. Business will advance through nano-technologies, genome research, artificial intelligence, alternative energy technologies, and shared economic models that reshape consumerism, to name a few. Progress promises to go well beyond the refinements of past decades to reveal transformative change more akin to Henry Ford replacing the horse and carriage with the Model T.

At Haskayne, we embrace these challenges, and seek to go above and beyond the standard educational models to ensure our graduates have the right skills for a fast moving and ever-changing future. We invite you to be part of shaping our future business leaders and energize the future of business.

Haskayne Founders' Circle

Through philanthropic support, the Haskayne Founders’ Circle advances priority initiatives at the school. Join the Haskayne Founders’ Circle to be part of a passionate community of philanthropists who are investing in the future of business education and supporting the next generation of business leaders.

Energize | The Campaign for Eyes High

The University of Calgary has embarked on its largest fundraising campaign ever. With a goal to raise $1.3 billion, Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High promises to positively charge our campus community, our city and beyond – and the Haskayne School of Business has a major role to play.