Deferral of Term Work and Exams

Current Students - Undergraduate


Term Work due Before the End of Lectures

Writing of an exam or submission of an assessment after the normal scheduled date may be allowed in cases of illness, domestic affliction, or religious conviction. If you are requesting a deferred quiz, midterm exam, or late submission of an assessment, you must submit a Deferral Request Form to the Undergraduate Office through this link. 

Valid reasons for requesting a deferral include domestic affliction, illness or medical emergency, religious observance/conviction, or faculty-approved activity. For domestic affliction and illness/medical emergencies, requests for deferrals must be made within 48 hours of the assessment.  For deferrals based on religious conviction or faculty-approved activity, requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the assessment. 

The Undergraduate Office will make a recommendation to grant or deny the deferral request to the instructor, who will contact the student with the decision. Where granted, all deferred term work must be completed within thirty days of the assessment due date, or as determined by the instructor.

This information can also be found on the Hello Haskayne D2L site.

Term Work due After the End of the Term

Should a request to defer term work exceed the end of the term, a Deferral of Term Work form must be completed. Deferrals are granted at the discretion of the Dean (or designate) and are normally granted for 30 days beyond the end of term. Should circumstances warrant, the maximum time that may be granted for a deferral of term work is one additional term. Deferral of term work form is available on the Student Forms website.

Deferral of Registrar-Scheduled Final Exams

Writing of a registrar-scheduled final exam after the normal scheduled date may be allowed in cases of debilitating illness, severe domestic affliction, religious conviction, or absence due to a faculty-approved activity. Students who have three final examinations within 24 hours are permitted to request that one examination be deferred to the deferred examination period. There are a number of instances where a deferred final exam will not be approved.  Please consult the current University of Calgary Calendar section “G.6” for more information on deferred final exams.

If you are requesting a deferred registrar-scheduled final exam you must submit your request to the Registrar’s office via your Student Centre and provide supporting documentation as required.  Please refer to the current University of Calgary Calendar  for more information and time limits for requests of deferred exams.  Detailed information on requesting a deferred registrar-scheduled final exam can be found at Deferred Final Examinations.