Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The world of business is becoming increasingly complex with rapid globalization and technological change. New theories, strategies and practices must be developed to help organizations adapt through effective execution and achieve long-term growth. The Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration degree is designed to provide students with the research, analytical, and critical thinking skills to become recognized contributors to new business knowledge and its application to practice.

Built specifically for executive leaders, the Haskayne DBA is designed to prepare students to make significant contributions to strategy development and execution for sustained organizational growth through the application of management theories and frameworks.

Upon completion of their degree, graduates are recognized as professional scholars who can bridge the gap between academic research and theory and management practice.

World-renowned Faculty

Recognized nationally and internationally as outstanding teachers, world-class scholars and thought-leaders, the Haskayne DBA faculty engage in research that seeks to advance existing business knowledge and practice.

Extensive Support

Our team is committed to providing extensive support to allow you to get the most out of your learning experience.

Immediate Application

Taught by leading researchers and world-renowned academics, the Haskayne DBA offers engaging classroom and online learning focused on applied research.

International Accreditation

Offered widely in Europe, the Haskayne DBA is one of the first of its kind in Canada. As part of Haskayne’s international accreditation, you will learn from leading scholars and receive the highest quality academic experience.

Evolve Your Career

Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the skills necessary for positions in a variety of industries.

Diverse Network

The students in the Haskayne DBA program bring a diverse mix of industry, functional and educational backgrounds. By studying as a cohort through the program, Haskayne DBA students have a high level of interaction with their classmates and professors.

Hear from our DBA students and alum

Stacy Soutière, DBA’23

“What excited me the most about the Haskayne DBA was learning how to conduct rigorous research and critically read, analyze and evaluate research. I was also excited to use the research I was creating to contribute to positive and lasting changes within my organization and field. I now think way more critically and look at a problem from infinitely more angles than I could previously. I’m hopeful my work will broadly support transformative changes within my field.” 

Stacy Soutière, DBA’23

Yernaz Yesbergenov, current DBA student

“As a senior leader, you might think you have achieved everything in your career. I can assure you that the Haskayne DBA is not designed to teach you how to do your job better; it is designed to help you distill what you know, improve it through benchmarking and turn it into something concrete and valuable that will remain long after you. It is an excellent opportunity to start forming a legacy and transfer your knowledge to the next generation of leaders.”

Yernaz Yesbergenov, current DBA student

Trish Brister, current DBA student

“Pursuing the Haskayne DBA has taught me how to think and express myself on a different level. This, in turn, has opened doors that were previously not accessible to me and allowed me to discover opportunities I would not otherwise have recognized. The challenges we currently face as a society are immense, however, they will be best served by evidence-based, engaged scholarship. The Haskayne DBA offers a means to that end.”

Trish Brister, current DBA student
The impact of the advancement of natural language processing on open-source software community

Spotlight on Research

The impact of the advancement of natural language processing on open-source software community: A preliminary study
Meng Ma, Giovani da Silveira

This paper was presented at the 2023 Engaged Management Scholarship (EMS) Conference organized by Haskayne’s DBA program and the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Council.

Meng examines Natural Language Processing’s (NLP) impact on Open-Source Software, using knowledge-based and social identity theories. It proposes pathways and validation via quantitative analysis, offering insights for AI-driven software research.

DBA News

Class of 2023: First graduates of their kind – 4 Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration students achieve significant milestone

Class of 2023: First graduates of their kind – 4 Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration students achieve significant milestone

Mark Ward, Kanwal Bokhari, Lance Mortlock and Phil Davidson are set to advance business practice and scholarship with new degree.

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