Student Club Room Booking Request

Book spaces in Scurfield Hall

Please scroll down to complete the the online form for booking any of the following rooms in Scurfield Hall for your event:

  • SH105 Lab Classroom (Capacity 42) *No food or drinks in labs
  • SH117 Active Learning Classroom (Capacity 60)
  • SH183 Lab Classroom  (Capacity 63) *No food or drinks in labs
  • SH261 Table Booking | NuWest Commons (Capacity 375/473)
  • SH257 Classroom: Tiered-fixed seating (Capacity 60)
  • SH361 "BMO Forum" Event Space (Capacity 314/397)
    NOTE: Until further notice, Thursday & Friday evenings are not available for bookings.- SH361 Room Booking Guidelines
  • SH310 Classroom (Capacity 42) - SH310 Room Booking Guidelines
  • SH465 "RGO Room" Classroom (Seated Capacity 46) - SH465 Room Booking Guidelines
  • {Reminder} Your Student Lounge SH462 is equipped with 2 meeting rooms and group space, locker storage and microwave

Book Lecture Halls and Classrooms

Do you want to book a room in lecture Halls and Classrooms for your event? Visit Conference and Event Management site.

Book First Floor Syndicate rooms
Note: if your Unicard does not work, please message with your full name and UCID#

Do you wish to book a first floor Syndicate room? Visit Syndicate Room Booking page for more information.

  • SH102, SH103, SH104, SH106, SH107, SH108, SH110, SH112, SH114, SH115

Downtown Campus Room Booking and Event Space Information