Academic Development Specialist (ADS)

Current Students - Undergraduate


The Student Success Centre and the Haskayne School of Business are now offering holistic academic support through the Academic Development Specialist (ADS), aimed at fostering a culture of success that enables you to realize your full potential. Please email to book a Zoom appointment.

Academic Turnaround Program (ATP)

The Haskayne Academic Turnaround Program (ATP) is an intervention that partners with students who are facing a Required to Withdraw (RTW) ruling for academic reasons- a GPA that is below a 2.0 and or have exceeded 10 course withdrawals.

Haskayne’s ATP has two main components, group seminars where students are re-introduced to academic study skill strategies and one on one bi-weekly meetings where students are asked to consider a solution focused approach to tackling the academic and personal barriers that have resulted in an RTW ruling. Both of these components are facilitated by Haskayne’s Academic Development Specialist (ADS).

Have you received an invitation to participate in Haskayne’s ATP?

*Read your letter carefully as it contains information about…

  • Accepting your invitation to participate in ATP
  • Reducing your course load to 3 courses (9 units) in Fall, Winter and 1 course (3 units) in Spring and Summer terms
  • Signing up for the ATP Introduction Seminar (note that this replaces the ATP guide created by the Student Success Centre)
  • Attend the Introductory Seminar *attendance is mandatory to initiate your invitation to ATP
  • ATP Fee

Bi-weekly meetings with the Academic Development Specialist (ADS)

Your ADS check- in is an intentional space set aside for you to talk about the experiences, thoughts, fears, and beliefs that are contributing to your academic concerns. The ways in which you have interacted in our physical and social environment is important to us and so is your overall success. Our goal through the ADS check-in is to partner with you as you set academic and personal goals that can help enhance your experience as a Haskayne School of Business student.

Academic Study Skill Strategies

As you consider the ways in which you approach your academics, we encourage you to applying a strategic lens to your learning. Re-introducing yourself to academic study skill strategies will help you put you back in control of your schedule, reduce your stress and maximize your material retention and application.

When should you contact the Haskayne ADS?

  • When you are seeking to become a better learner, regardless of current academic standing
  • When you are enrolled in the Academic Turnaround Program
  • When you are unsatisfied with your academic performances

The Haskayne ADS can assist you in the following ways:

  • Developing meaningful educational goals and academic plans to support your goals
  • Provide liaising and referral between you and various UCalgary offices (support programs and services)
  • Design and implement targeted “intrusive” advising programs to support your success (addressing academic concerns)
  • Formulating and developing your academic skills (time management, reading and note taking, exam preparation, study skills, etc.)
  • Guide you to successful degree completion

The ADS can help you navigate university life, while developing the learning and self-management strategies crucial for having a successful and fulfilling post-secondary experience.

Program Advising

While the ADS can provide you with tailored sessions on academic planning and learning, the Haskayne Program Specialists can provide you with:

  • Graduation and degree requirements
  • Program selection and change of program
  • Admission and registration
  • Course selection and prerequisites
  • GPA and academic standing
  • Academic Requirements
  • Transfer credits and courses
  • Academic appeals and academic standing