Marker/Proctor opportunities

Current Students

Marker/Proctors have an important role in the Haskayne School of Business, advancing the achievement of program goals and contributing to the Haskayne learning community. The preparation, time, talents, and commitment of Haskayne MPs positively impact the learning experience of fellow students, and the role provides MPs with peer-teaching experience, and an opportunity to deepen their own learning and critical reflection.

The Haskayne Office of Teaching and Learning coordinates the orientation of Marker/Proctors (MPs), maintains the Haskayne MP Pool, and processes MP hires for Haskayne MBA, MMgmt, and BComm courses.

This page provides an overview of requirements for Marker/Proctors, steps to get hired, and ways to find opportunities.


MPs must be in good academic standing and have no record of any breaches of academic integrity. 

Once you have been hired by an instructor, there are three steps to process your hiring status. If you are hired for more than one course between July and June in a calendar year, you only need to complete the steps below once.


1. Join the Haskayne Marker/Proctor D2L Page

To self-enroll in the Haskayne MPs D2L page, please log in to D2L > My Tools > Self Registration > Haskayne Marker/Proctor > Register > Add your name and email address, then press Submit > Finish > Done

You will need to self-enroll each year, as the Haskayne MPs D2L page is cleared every summer.


2. Complete the steps outlined on the D2L page, including:

  • Completing the Oath of Confidentiality
  • Reviewing the Marker/Proctor orientation materials
  • Taking the Orientation quiz
  • Reviewing the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism modules
  • Completing the Academic Integrity quiz

Academic Integrity is integral to the work of all Haskayne MPs, and therefore MPs must be in good standing, with no Academic Sanctions, to be eligible for hire.


3. Once the steps outlined above are complete, you may submit your Employee Information Form to the appropriate T&L inbox for processing.

If you are interested in a Marker/Proctor opportunity, you may approach an Instructor and inquire about opportunities in a specific course. Instructors may also reach out to students they taught in previous years to see if they are interested in Marker/Proctor opportunities. No matter how a potential MP is identified, the student will first need to register in the D2L page as outlined above, complete the orientation tasks, and then complete the required hiring paperwork.

If you are having trouble finding a Marker/Proctor opportunity, you may also register for the Marker/Proctor Pool. Instructors may ask for a list of students who are interested in Marker/Proctor opportunities. By signing up for the MP Pool, your name will be included on the list.

Time Commitment

Limitations on the number of hours that an MP can work in a day, and in a week, are in place to respect the MP's status as a student. MPs are required to discuss course commitments and timelines openly with their Hiring Supervisor in order to ensure mutual agreement on the hours of work expected on a weekly basis, and the timeframes for completing assigned work.

During the regular Fall and Winter semester MPs must work at least three (3) hours per shift, not to exceed seven (7) hours per day or twenty two and one-half (22.5) hours per week. However, the weekly maximums do not apply between December 1st and January 15th or between May 1st and September 15th.

As Student Employees, MPs must be registered in at least one (1) full University course.

Timesheet Reporting Process

PeopleSoft Timesheet Reporting

MPs must keep track of their tasks and the hours that they work each week for each course that they are hired to be an MP. MPs must enter this information into the PeopleSoft system, accessed through portal All about me > Report time tabs.

All the hours worked in the week are paid at straight time, and MPs must be aware that the seven (7) hour daily maximum applies as a cap on hours worked for the University; therefore, if you are an MP in more than one class, or if you have a part time job at the University, e.g. as a Co-Op student, you must ensure that the hours you work as an MP, in addition to any other hours worked as a UCalgary employee, do not total more than 7 hours per day.

It is Haskayne's expectation that MPs do not work on any Statutory Holidays. For a list of Statutory Holidays, payroll system timesheet deadlines and lock-out periods, please refer to the Payroll Calendar.

Additional how-to guides and resources on timesheet submission are available on the Haskayne Marker/Proctor D2L page under the Content tab.

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