Current Students - Undergraduate

The Haskayne Undergraduate Programs office is currently open for remote advising via email and Zoom.  For information on Zoom drop-in advising sessions please visit our Program Advising page. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Students typically take concentration classes in their third and fourth year. In order to make an informed decision, it is best to decide on a concentration, after you have taken the majority of your core 317 classes. More information regarding concentrations is available here

From your Student Centre select “Program and Advising” and then “Change of Program”.  The concentration change will take effect the following year, if you are planning to graduate before then please contact a Haskayne program specialist for advising assistance.

The Change of Program online form is open from October 1st-February 1st.

Yes, Haskayne students are allowed to take up to ten years to complete their BComm. The majority of students take five or six years.

Yes, Haskayne students are allowed to take up to one year off from their degree without being registered in classes, as long as they complete their BComm within the ten-year period.

Four junior courses (12 units) can be used towards the BComm program, any junior courses beyond this will not count for credit towards the BComm program.

Prerequisite courses exist to ensure students have the correct knowledge base for courses that follow, they cannot be waived. Students should visit the University of Calgary course calendar to view prerequisite courses and plan accordingly.

Second year is a good time to start thinking about exchange. The Haskayne Undergraduate Programs office has two dedicated exchange advisors available via exchange@haskayne.ucalgary.ca.

Information regarding W21 CR Grades is available on the Academic Calendar

Writing of an exam or submission of an assessment after the normal scheduled date may be allowed in cases of illness, domestic affliction, or religious conviction. If you are requesting a deferred quiz, midterm exam, or late submission of an assessment, you must submit a Deferral Request Form to the Undergraduate Office through this link.