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Roberta Stinn, MMgmt'20

“The Haskayne Master of Management helped me transition into a new career,” says Roberta, MMgmt’20. After working as a kinesiologist for a couple of years, Roberta realized she wanted to pursue a business career. She enrolled in the Haskayne Master of Management to help make her career change. After graduating from the program in 2020, Roberta has launched her business career at Canadian tech company, PlaceHolder Inc. as Strategy & Operations Manager.


Curtis Birch-Lucas, MMgmt '20

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering, Curtis enrolled in the 10-month Haskayne Master of Management in the 2020 inaugural cohort. “The Haskayne Master of Management fit my career goals, both short and long term,” Curtis says. “The program tied very well with my technical background, but now I have a better understanding of how business and operations come together.”


Arman Ghanbari, MMgmt '20

After graduating with a degree in Petroleum Geology, Arman realized he had a strong interest in finance and entrepreneurship. Arman enrolled in the Haskayne Master of Management program and used his education to help launch his fintech venture, Ashare. “I highly recommend the Master of Management to anyone looking for comprehensive business education to add to their technical abilities,” says Arman. “I’m impressed with the diversity and depth of knowledge I obtained in just 10 months.”

Courtney Lee, MMgmt’20 (Loan Syndications Analyst at HSBC)

Courtney Lee, MMgmt’20

Courtney was looking to pivot into a new industry after completing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. By taking advantage of the career development opportunities embedded within the Haskayne Master of Management program, Courtney re-evaluated her career goals and identified new possibilities. With her new found business skills Courtney now works as the graduate corporate banking analyst at HSBC.

Jennifer Causey, MMgmt’20 (Health and Benefits Analyst at Mercer)

Jennifer Causey, MMgmt’20

Jennifer wanted to stand out to employers by combining her Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with a business foundation. The Haskayne Master of Management program helped to differentiate Jennifer in a competitive job market. She successfully secured a mathematically-focused consulting role at Mercer, a Fortune 500 consulting firm.

Brenden Banerjee, MMgmt’20

Brenden Banerjee, MMgmt’20

Brenden wanted to be an entrepreneur. The business acumen he gained from the Haskayne Master of Management program complemented his Bachelor of Education and gave him the confidence to start his own company. As a result, Brendan launched his own entrepreneurial venture creating educational marketing videos.

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