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Expand your campus experience + Grow your network and friend-circle = Get involved with Clubs at Haskayne School of Business!

As ambassadors for the Haskayne School of Business, students drive our reputation and the strength of our brand. Student clubs are often Haskayne's most powerful reputation builders of all!

Events and opportunities are posted on the Elevate platform Haskayne Events Calendar and the Hello Haskayne* D2L shell - Haskayne's BComm student communication portal.

*If you are registered in the Haskayne School of Business BComm program but do not see the Hello Haskayne D2L shell, please email hsb.studentservices@ucalgary.ca.

Student Clubs and Associations

The Haskayne Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) is the umbrella organization for all Haskayne Student Clubs. CUS provides events and opportunities for all students in the Haskayne School of Business.

Visit our website at haskaynecus.ca for more information about our club and upcoming events and opportunities.

Our Mission

To support the Haskayne undergraduate student body while providing academic, professional, and community development events and services that enhance the student experience and foster business leaders.

What We Do

  • Provide programs to enhance students' professional development
  • Create fundraising and volunteering events for Calgary organizations and charities 
  • Organize major Haskayne School of Business events to foster relationships between the students and Corporate Calgary

Academic Programs

  • Ernst & Young Leadership Development Program
  • Industry Speaker Series
  • SGMA 217 Persuasive Presentation


Follow us on Instagram, find events on Elevate's Haskayne Event Calendar and the Hello Haskayne BComm D2L shell.

  • Business Student Conference
  • Annual Award Ceremony

Community Development Initiatives

  • Spicing Up Spaces
  • Community Cleanup
  • A Week of Giving
  • Monthly charity initiatives such as Love is Lunch and Operation Christmas Child

Haskayne Hut 

The Haskayne Hut is officially open for business! Shop the latest Haskayne merchandise and more at https://www.haskaynecus.ca/s/shopOrder online and get it shipped or pickup in store!

* The Haskayne Hut has now been relocated to Mathison Hall MTH 125.

For more information regarding the Haskayne Hut policies, please visit  https://www.haskaynecus.ca/store-policies 

Exam Packages and Merchandise:

Exam packages and course notes are available for purchase, as courtesy of other HSC. We also sell Haskayne School of Business apparel and merchandise.


CUS manages the locker rental program for Haskayne BComm students.The rental period is from the date of rental until the next August (fall term).

Email: cuspresident@gmail.com 
Website: haskaynecus.ca

Struggling with an accounting course? Not certain what accounting is all about or the differences between the designations? Need help getting that accounting job? The Accounting Students' Association (ASA) can help you! Whether you need assistance in your required accounting course or you are interested in the accounting profession, the ASA is a club dedicated to helping students do better in accounting!

Our Focus

  • Provide information about the accounting profession
  • Help students find accounting jobs
  • Provide exam preparation materials
  • Host fun events!


  • Industry Nights for different companies
  • CPA Roundtables
  • Haskayne Accounting Case Competition
  • MPAcc and MAccFin information sessions
  • Big 4 and national workshop tours
  • Virtual coffee chats with ASA members


  • Acct 217 & 323 Midterm/Final Exam Packages
  • Tutoring connections with other Haskayne students
  • Admission to great networking and prime recruiting opportunities

No membership required. Exam packages and tickets to events are sold separately.

Want more information about the ASA or want to see when our events are happening? Feel free to contact us by e-mail or visit our website for more information!

Check out the Events Calendar on Elevate or "Hello Haskayne" BComm student D2L shell.

Email: asaucalgary@gmail.com
Website: asaucalgary.ca


As the world's largest student organization, AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact in society.

AIESEC in Calgary belongs to a network of AIESEC chapters in 25 universities across Canada and 2400 universities globally all with a common goal of developing leadership through exchange and practical experiences. AIESEC's dedication to teamwork, innovation, and youth empowerment is what propels us toward our goal of facilitating leadership within as many young people as possible.

What is a current world issue that you are passionate about? What is the cause of the issue? How can it be solved?

AIESEC believes that through cross-cultural experiences, youth develop increased self-awareness and a global mindset. Each member makes an impact globally by enabling Canadians to grow through cross-cultural exchanges and networks; hands-on experience creating and hosting engaging events; or expanding the horizons of Canadian businesses by bringing interns from around the world to work in Canada. In turn, youth develop a more open-minded mindset alleviating the misunderstandings between different cultures, perspectives, and opinions. With a global mindset, youth begin to understand their role in solving global issues and this makes an incredible difference in giving youth a voice and preparing them to be change makers in their careers.

Now you know what we strive for. Come strive with us. Join AIESEC!

Email: lcp.aieseccalgary@gmail.com
Instagram: @aiesecincalgary
Website: https://www.aiesec.ca/


Alliances in Marketing is a student run organization that promotes a better understanding of marketing and its role in the business community. The goal of AIM is to make Haskayne marketing students among the most visible and sought after across Canadian business schools.

AIM provides opportunities to network with classmates, alumni and professionals, as well as attend industry nights highlighting a variety of marketing disciplines. Providing corporations access to Haskayne’s most involved marketing students and offering time and monetary contributions to local charities are a few of the many ways AIM gets involved in the Calgary community.

AIM is a great tool for those students attempting to make themselves more marketable upon graduation as AIM aligns itself with success and strives to be the difference between simply getting a degree and getting a job. So if you are looking for a place to have fun, meet interesting people, and learn more of the many facets of marketing then AIM is the place to be. Get Involved!

Email: aim@ucalgary.ca

The Association of Risk Management and Insurance links students interested in corporate risk management and insurance with industry professionals and other students with the same interests. ARMI's focus is to provide risk management students with the assistance necessary to excel in their classes and to provide networking opportunities. Students concentrating in Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN) or Risk Management and Insurance/Finance (RMIN/FNCE) will benefit from ARMI's activities, which include:

  • Exam Review Packages for RMIN 317
  • Annual Career Day
  • Speaker Nights to provide real-world insight into future jobs; and
  • Social events for students, alumni, and industry contacts.

Email: armi@haskayne.ucalgary.ca
Website: http://armiucalgary.com

The Business Pride Club (BPC) is a club for everyone. We strive to connect members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies with business professionals through various networking and social events. Bringing members and industry professionals together is a way to tackle and debunk the discriminations myths, as well as encourage healthy discussion on what companies and students look for when it comes to diversity and recruitment. Our main goal is to continuously evolve and foster the inclusive and supportive work environment for LGBTQ+ members and allies in business, and similar areas of studies.

We want our members to – as the name suggests – be proud and stay true to themselves. We believe those who strive to truly understand themselves will be incredibly successful. You do not have to create a fake persona as we welcome all genders, ages, sexualities, religions and races with open arms.

Email: businessprideclub@gmail.com
Website: https://businessprideclub.wixsite.com/ucalgary

Enactus UCalgary is the University of Calgary chapter of Enactus, a global non-profit composed of 72,000 students across the world who are using the power of entrepreneurial action to enact positive change. By using business knowledge and an educational approach in developing projects, Enactus UCalgary’s programs foster entrepreneurial development, economic and environmental sustainability, and youth empowerment through financial literacy education in Calgary and surrounding communities. 

Email: enactusrecruiting@gmail.com
Website: http://www.enactuscalgary.com/


The Haskayne Finance Club (HFC) was established in 1989 and since its inception has been committed to providing students with unmatched finance-focused opportunities in order to aid in future endeavours and careers. Each semester the club hosts a variety of events which students are encouraged to attend no matter their major or year. These events include equity research presentations, financial modeling learning sessions, networking with prestigious companies, social events, and careers in finance.

Students who have joined the club as either an executive, a member of the equity research program, or as a general member have gone on to do many great things. Alumni have attained prestigious internships and full-time jobs at companies such as TC Energy, RBC, PWC, Deloitte, SAF Group, BMO, Cenovus, TD, Nutrien, CPKC, Inter Pipeline, and many more.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event and please don’t hesitate to reach out to the below contact information should you have any questions or want to learn more.

Website: https://haskaynefinanceclu.wixsite.com/my-site

Email: haskaynefinanceclub@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/company/haskayne-finance-club



The Human Resources Students’ Association encourages awareness about careers and current events in Human Resources. Our club provides a way for students to build a valuable network of University professors and prominent industry representatives. Through on- and off-campus events, we provide a sense of social solidarity and cohesiveness among students interested in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources. HRSA also works to provide all students with the tools to excel in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources courses.

Benefits of a HRSA membership:

  • OBHR 317 Midterm & Final Exam Review Packages
  • Admission to the annual Meet and Greet
  • Invitations to various social events for students, professors, alumni, professionals

Email: HRSA@ucalgary.ca

IBSA is the club for students with an interest in international business, whatever their concentration, wherever their homeland, and no matter their experience or skill level with the subject matter.  Benefits of membership include qualification for a CIM grant for study overseas, reduced fees for non-free IBSA events, information on relevant industry events and conferences, and an opportunity to build a great network of like-minded young professionals.

Students considering participating in an exchange are especially encouraged to contact IBSA. Through IBSA’s Buddy Program, local students can meet visiting international students at various social events. These events facilitate cultural awareness, and allow Haskayne students going on exchange to make valuable contacts with international students from their intended exchange school. 

IBSA’s mission:

  • Welcome Haskayne’s visiting exchange students
  • Encourage and facilitate domestic students’ studies abroad
  • Supplement the International Business curriculum with outside-the-classroom education and networking

Email: ibsa.online@gmail.com
Website: http://ibsahaskayne.ca/

OSMA provides valuable academic resources and facilitates networking and career opportunities to students with an interest in Logistics, Procurement, Operations, and Process Improvement.

Our club strives to prepare students for business career opportunities, community, and culture.

Email: osma.ucalgary@gmail.com
Website: ucalgaryosma.com

Real Estate Student Association (RESA) is for students from all disciplines interested in careers related to the real estate industry. RESA's goal is to provide students with education, mentorship and networking opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the real estate industry and expose them to the many different career paths.

The Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies and Haskayne School of Business work in collaboration with RESA to provide guidance and financial support for RESA initiatives.

Email: resa.ucalgary@gmail.com
Website: resaucalgary.com


The University of Calgary Consulting Association (UCCA) (formerly Haskayne Consulting Club) strives to provide valuable opportunities for members to learn about and gain experience in a career in consulting.

Our members are able to participate in pro bono consulting engagements and internships with local businesses and non-profit organizations, allowing them to apply classroom knowledge.  UCCA provides networking opportunities with various consulting firms through case interview workshops, networking events, and competitions.

Email: info@ucalgaryconsulting.ca
Website: https://ucalgaryconsulting.ca

The Women in Business club (WiB) is a student-run organization founded in 2016. We strive to engage emerging business leaders by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We wish for our members and attendees to have the skills and confidence to challenge inequality in the business and corporate world.
WiB hosts an array of networking, social events, and workshops that encourage students to challenge themselves in an inclusive and welcoming setting. We connect students with front-line executives and trailblazing professionals with the goal of female empowerment, broadening perspectives and bringing awareness to pertinent gender issues.
Despite the name “Women in Business,” we believe in equality of all genders and welcome any gender to get involved with WiB. WiB strives to push all students to create their own path to success.
Email: wibucalgary@gmail.com
Website: http://wibucalgary.wixsite.com/ucalgary