Research Funding

Haskayne Research
Grants and contracts from the Federal Research Councils, Canadian and international public and private funders strengthen our capacity to carry out leading-edge research.



A Theory of Digital Portfolio Micropreneurship

Principal Investigator: Mohammad Keyhani 

Grant Amount: $69,376

Socializing scruples: The effects of morally-oriented socialization on newcomer's unethical pro-organizational behavior over time 

Co-Investigator: Tunde Ogunfowora 

Grant Amount: $71,794

The Effect of Rewards on Motivation, Effort and Performance

Principal Investigator: Piers Steel Co-Investigator: Fariborzi, Hadi

Grant Amount: $91,610 

Scientific Labour Markets and Innovation

Principal Investigator: Alex Whalley Co-applicant: Kantor, Shawn

Grant Amount: $89,748 

Socializing scruples: The effects of morally oriented socialization on newcomer’s unethical pro-organizational behavior over time

Principal Investigator: Lucas Dufour Co-investigators: Babatunde Ogunfowora; Meena Andiappan

Grant Amount: $71,794



Field experiments to facilitate the electricity energy transition

Principal Investigator: Megan Bailey Co-Investigator: Shaffer, Blake & Myers, Erica

Grant Amount: $70,200

Improving Energy Productivity through Information Technology

Principal Investigator: Vaarun Vijairaghavan Co-applicant: Barrie Nault

Grant Amount: $65,400 



Maintaining Motivation During the Job Search Process

Principal Investigator: Justin Weinhardt

Grant Amount: $24,900 


The accounting measurement and financial disclosures needed to better present the performance of new-economy.
Principal investigator: Aneel Iqbal (PhD Student)
Grant Amount: $25,000


No-Code Digital Innovation and Operations

Principal investigator: Mohammad Keyhani (PI), Tanya Verhulp, Loriel Anderson, and colleagues Grant Amount: $315,000

Barriers to supply chain certification of women-owned organizations

Principal investigator: Jack D. Kulchitsky (Co-I), Paul Larson, & Silva Pencak (PI)

Grant Amount: $893,000



Health Everywhere: Building an ecosystem of innovation in eHealth and mHealth in Alberta.

Theme Lead (Integrated Innovation Ecosystem Suppor): Saunders, C. 

Co-investigator Mohammad Keyhani and Jo-Louise Huq t (

Theme amount $350,000

Total Project Awarded Amount $6,336,500



Monark Leadership Development

Principal Investigator: Nick Turner 

Grant Amount: $180,000 



ENTI 317 Video

Co-Investigator: Rosalynn Peschl and Justin Knibbe

Grant Amount: $15,000


SSHRC Insight Grant

Do Digital Technology Firms Generate Excess Profits?
Principal Investigator: Anup Srivastava
Co-Investigator(s): Rong Zhao
Grant Awarded: $85,557

Leadership development and emergence among adolescents and young adults: A 10-year study.
Principal Investigator: Nick Turner
Co-Investigator(s): Julie Weatherhead
Grant Awarded: $294,838

Honey, I'm an entrepreneur now! The crossover effect of entrepreneurship on the well-being of spouses.
Principal Investigator: Seok-Woo Kwon
Grant Awarded: $71,239

The impact of data portability on competition, privacy, and welfare.
Principal Investigator: Hooman Hidaji
Co-Investigator(s): Barrie Nault, Vaarun Vijairaghavan
Grant Awarded: $122,500

Do mutual fund managers care about accounting standard changes?
Principal Investigator: Rucsandra Moldovan (Concordia University)
Co-Investigator(s): Luminita Enache
Grant Awarded: $80,942


SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Do Electronic Medical Records Reduce Hospital Sticker Prices?
Principal Investigator(s): Luminita Enache
Grant Awarded: $67,925

Consumer Responses to Names: Implications and Applications
Principal Investigator(s): Ruth Pogacar
Grant Awarded: $69,369

Going Concern Disclosure during Pandemic – An International Evidence
Principal Investigator: Jingjing Wang
Grant Awarded: $49,000

Mitacs Accelerate

Creating A Network Model of Potential Risks in Equity Crowdfunding
Principal Investigator: Mohammad Keyhani
Grant Awarded: $180,000

News: Consumption, quality and understanding towards younger audiences.
Principal Investigator: Thomas Holloway
Co-Investigator(s): Mahirr Mitosh Ruparel
Grant Awarded: $20,000

Assessing user experience of a Virtual Reality (VR) based visual field exam when compared to the Gold Standard Humphrey visual field exam.
Principal Investigator: William Saunders
Co-Investigator(s): Julia St Amand
Grant Awarded: $45,000

Equipping students for energy transition careers through education, business, and government multi-disciplinary partnerships.
Principal Investigator: Irene Herremans
Co-Investigator(s): Gideon Choi
Grant Awarded: $10,000


Mitacs Business Strategy Internship

Opportunities and Challenges for Transitioning Out of Single-Use Plastic Items for Advancing towards a Zero-Waste Campus
Principal Investigator: Irene Herremans
Co-Investigator(s): Kruti Shas Mukesh
Grant Awarded: $10,000

Summer Analyst - Impact Investing, Acceleration, and Advisory - University of Calgary.
Principal Investigator: J Ari Pandes
Co-Investigator(s): Tahir Popatia
Grant Awarded: $15,000


The Ethereum Foundation

Battle of the Bots: Miner Extractable Value and Efficient Settlement.
Principal Investigator: Alfred Lehar
Co-Investigator(s): Christine Parlour
Grant Awarded: USD $62,000


Alberta Innovates - Accelerating Innovations into Care (AICE) Concepts

IMPROVE - Virtual HEALTH (Healthy Eating Active Living through Technology @ Home 4 Moms).
Principal Investigator(s): Kara Nerenberg (University of Calgary, Cummings School of Medicine)
Co-Investigator(s): Butalia S, Brar S, Chawla S, Cooper S, Eastwood C, Eckert B, Gagliardi A, Grinman M, Hamilton D, Lindsay P, Kothandarama M, Mamas M, Metcalfe A, Negre J, Norris C, Pederson A, Reimche L, Satchwill B, Saunders C, Tomfohr-Madsen L, Vallaire S, Vlasschaert M.
Grant Awarded: $572,185


SSHRC Insight Grant

Consumer Acceptance of Algorithmic Decision Systems: The Role of Explanations
Principal Investigator: Mehdi Mourali
Co-Investigator(s): Neil Brigden (Bow Valley College), Ruth Pogacar
Grant Awarded: $97,070

The Design of Generative Marketplaces
Principal Investigator: Mohammad Keyhani
Grant Awarded: $58,816

Improving National Indices of Culture and Testing Theories of Cultural Change
Principal Investigator: Piers Steel
Co-Investigator(s): Hadi Fariborzi
Grant Awarded: $96,730

The effect of the New Lease Standard (ASC 842) future adoption on firm communication strategy
Principal Investigator: Luminita Enache
Co-Investigator(s): Rucsandra Moldovan (Concordia University)
Grant Awarded: $70,081

Decentralized Financial Markets
Principal Investigator: Alfred Lehar
Co-Investigator(s): Christine Parlour (University of California, Berkeley)
Grant Awarded: $280,606

Building gender-inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems in Canada
Principal Investigator: Karen D. Hughes (University of Alberta)
Co-Investigator(s): Chad Saunders
Grant Awarded: $140,709


SSHRC Insight Development Grant 

Blockchain, Information Production, and Decentralization of Academic Journals
Principal Investigator: Kyoung Jin Choi 
Grant Awarded: $51,600


SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

Partnership for experimentation and comparative analysis of best practices for piloting organizations acting as intermediaries for open innovation in health
Principal Investigator: Patrick Cohendet (HEC Montreal)
Co-Investigator(s)Denis Chenevert, Laurent Simon, Marine Agogue (HEC Montreal); Kathy Malas (Université de Montréal); Pengfei Li
Grant Awarded: $183,443


SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant

Managing Customer Expectations in On-Demand Service Platforms
Principal Investigator: Marco Bijvank
Co-Investigator(s): Osman Alp, Serasu Duran
Grant Awarded: $24,950

CIHR Operating Grant: COVID-19 Research Gaps and Priorities

Developing and evaluating an outline intervention to improve the uptake and maintenance of protective behaviours against COVID-19 among young adults in Canada
Principal Investigator: Travis Campbell
Co-Investigator(s): Chad Saunders
Grant Awarded: $271,575

New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) - Exploration Stream

Catalyzing research innovation: Developing a web-based application with social media capabilities to coordinate thrombosis research efforts 
Principal Investigator: Leslie Skeith (University of Calgary)
Co-Investigator(s): Marc Carrier, Lisa Duffett, Susan Kahn, Grégoire Le Gal, Caleb MacGillivray, Marc Rodger, Ramy Saleh, Chad Saunders, Deborah Siegal, Tobias Tritschler
Grant Awarded: $250,000


Blockchain Research Institute (HOGEG)

Systemic Risk in Decentralized Markets 
Principal Investigator: Alfred Lehar
Co-Investigator(s): Christine Parlour
Grant Awarded: $5,000


Business Schools Association of Canada (BSAC)

BSAC Future of Business Education Grant

The State of Education for Sustainable Development and Responsibility in Canadian Business Schools: An Analysis of Canadian PRME Signatories’ SIP Reports
Principal Investigator: Houston Peschl
Co-Investigators: Ilyup Sug, Julie Ly
Grant Awarded: $10,000


Natural Resources Canada Research Grant

The Value of Timely and Detailed Electricity Data for Energy and Economic Policy Research
Principal Investigator: Blake Schaffer
Co-Investigator(s): Megan Bailey
Grant Awarded: $15,000


Technation Canada - Career Ready Program

Machine Learning Applications
Principal Investigator: Marco Bijvank
Grant Awarded: $11,000


Mitacs Accelerate

Creating A Network Model of Potential Risks in Equity Crowdfunding
Principal Investigator: Mohammed Keyhani
Grant Awarded: $180,000


New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) - Exploration Stream

Catalyzing Research Innovation: Developing a Web-based Application with Social Media Capabilities to Coordinate Thrombosis Research Efforts. 
Principal Investigator: Leslie Skeith
Co-Investigator(s): Rodger M, Kahn S, MacGillivery C, Carrier M, Duffett L, Siegal D, Saunders C, Le Gal G, Saleh R, Tritschler T.
Grant Awarded: $250,000


SSHRC Insight Grant

Construct Clean Up Time: Moral Character Traits and their Cognitive-Emotional Links to Moral and Immoral Employee Behaviours at Work
Principal Investigator: Tunde Ogunfowora
Co-Investigator(s): Piers Steel
Grant Awarded: $173,634 

Dynamic Structure of Country Political Environment and Its Impact on Entrepreneurial Activities
Principal Investigator: James Agarwal
Co-Investigator(s): Oleksiy Osiyevskyy, Tatiana Vashchilko
Grant Awarded: $76,176


SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Implicit Expectations of Leaders’ Emotions
Principal Investigator: Julie Weatherhead
Co-Investigator(s): Erica Carleton (University of Saskatchewan)
Grant Awarded: $61,886

The Impact of Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Data Economy
Principal Investigator: Ray Zhang
Co-Investigator(s): Barrie Nault
Grant Awarded: $45,422

Strategic timing of earnings announcement
Principal Investigator: Aleksandra Rzeznik (York University)
Co-Investigator(s): Alfred Lehar, Otto Randl (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)
Grant Awarded: $62,066

When doing good becomes doing bad: The effects of repeated necessary evil enactment on moral disengagement
Principal Investigator: Meena Andiappan (University of Toronto)
Co-Investigator(s): Tunde Ogunfowora
Grant Awarded: $51,794


SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant: Covid 19 Special Initiative

COVID-19: Examining Supply Chain Design, Risk Exposure & Response and Designing Initial Risk Management Strategies for COVID-19 Disrupted Supply Chains
Principal Investigator: Rajbir Bhatti (Mount Royal University)
Co-Investigator(s): Amit Varma (Braintoy), Osman Alp, and Supply Chain Canada
Grant Awarded: $22,062

CIHR Operating Grant: Covid-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity

Development of an Implementation Framework to Advance Provincial and National Health System Supply Chain Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Principal Investigator: Anne Snowdon (Windsor University)
Co-Investigator(s): Giovani da Silveira and 19 other co-applicants, from BC (4), AB (5), MB (1), ON (5), QC (3), and NS (1).
Grant Awarded: $1,300,000

Global Risk Institute Research Grant

Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance: The Role of Equity Investments in Financing Clean Energy Technologies in Canada
Principal Investigator: Yrjo Koskinen
Co-Investigator: J. Ari Pandes, Nga Nguyen
Grant Awarded: $50,000


WORKPLACENL Research Initiatives Program

Work Injuries and Mental Health
Principal Investigator: Nick Turner
Co-Investigator(s): Steve Granger, Sean Tucker (University of Regina), Connie Deng
Grant Awarded: $9,077.64


SSHRC Insight Grant

Analyzing the Potential Bias and Unfairness in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Assessing the Impact on Society
Principal Investigator: Osman Alp
Co-Investigator(s): Alireza Sabouri, Justin Weinhardt
Grant Awarded: $92,372

Managing Business Risk in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry: Multiple Perspectives
Principal Investigator: Mark Anderson
Co-Investigator(s): Alex David, Raj Mashruwala, Peter Sherer
Grant Awarded: $96,250

Resolving Marketers' Differentiation Dogmas - The Cognitive Centrality Perspective
Principal Investigator: Charan Bagga
Grant Awarded: $88,850

The Implications of Heterogeneous Beliefs for Financial Markets and the Real Economy
Principal Investigator: Alex David
Grant Awarded: $115,000

Effectiveness of Witness Intervention
Principal Investigator(s): Sandy Hershcovis
Grant Awarded: $225,259

The Discount Rate of Education
Principal Investigator: Miguel Palacios
Grant Awarded: $78,200

Financial disclosures and corporate governance
Principal Investigator: Anup Srivastava
Co-Investigator(s): Luminita Enache
Grant Awarded: $84,100

Three Extensions of International Business Research using the Internalization Theory Lens
Principal Investigator: Alain Verbeke
Grant Awarded: $99,300


SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Board Composition and Financial Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts in the Biotech Sector
Principal Investigator: Luminita Enache
Grant Awarded: $30,800

Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Decision Making
Principal Investigator: Mehdi Mourali
Grant Awarded: $53,480

Managing Entrepreneurial Activities: Overcoming the challenges of new ventures’ governance
Principal Investigator: Oleksiy Osiyevskyy
Grant Awarded: $58,196

Sleepiness, mindfulness, and bias against women in leadership positions
Principal Investigator: Erica Carleton, University of Saskatchewan
Co-Investigator(s): Nick Turner
Grant Awarded: $55,000