Goals and Latest Progress - Equity, Diversity,Inclusion and Indigenization at Haskayne


Equity, Diversity,Inclusion and Indigenization at Haskayne

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

EDI as an ongoing aspect of growth within Haskayne’s culture. The EDI Committee was involved in several EDI initiatives in 2022 and looks to continue building on this momentum in 2023 when its five-year strategy is officially implemented. To learn more about tactics for each goal, download the Haskayne EDI plan.


Research - Goals and Progress

Goal one

Encourage and support EDI-related research output and dissemination.


  • Allocated explicit budget for EDI activities.

  • Invited researchers from other universities to present EDI research.

  • Haskayne researcher published a piece in The Conversation Canada about EDI research.

Goal two

Promote and support a diversity of research topics, methods, and output.


  • Look forward to updates in 2023 when the five-year strategy is officially implemented.

Goal three

Equity-deserving groups are proportionally represented in achievements, awards, leadership opportunities, and graduate programs.


  • The GRE/GMAT option for PhD admission has been removed in an effort to increase access to PhD programs.

  • New research recognition model to include criterion of demonstration of EDI-related impact.

  • Recruiting a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in EDI leadership.

Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning - Goals and Progress

Goal one

Raise student awareness about the importance of inclusion, discrimination, oppression, and their effects.


  • Commissioned an Indigenization Report.

  • Participated in student-led Business Pride conference.
  • Offered EDIA 101 Series: Bathroom Panic! as a part of EDI Week.

  • Offered Bannock, Business and Storytelling as a part of EDI Week.

Goal two

Enhance capacity of teaching staff and student services to create and maintain respectful, and inclusive student life and learning experiences.


  • Have offered ongoing workshops related to EDI, and training for those teaching on specific graduate programs.

  • Require EMBA faculty to complete and EDIA workshop prior to teaching in the program.

Goal three

Promote student wellness, success, and support, especially for those from equity-deserving groups


  • Have offered workshops to students aimed to improve student wellness and awareness (Workshops included: EDIA 101: Bathroom Panic!, #Experience Autism, Tokens Lecture Series, Bannock, Business and Storytelling)

  • Require EMBA students to complete an EDIA workshop before starting the program

Goal four

Recruitment and Admission/ Scholarship Processes


  • Hosted a Women in Business | The Haskayne MBA Experience in 2023 to provide an environment for women to explore the MBA and EMBA experience.

  • Haskayne is a part of the campus-wide Indigenous Admissions Process.

  • Haskayne is the only location for the Ch’nook Scholars program outside of B.C. – offering scholarships, leadership programming, business knowledge and networking.

  • Ongoing process review.

Community engagement

Community Engagement - Goals and Progress

Goal one

Increase opportunities for equity-deserving groups in the community to benefit from Haskayne’s community engagement activities.


  • Incorporating diverse voices to serve as guest speakers at both EDI-specific and non-EDI specific events.

  • Supporting other community events, such as the Black Founders in Tech pitch competition in partnership with Innovate Calgary.

Goal two

Enable students, faculty and staff in equity-deserving groups to benefit from relationships with external community stakeholders.


  • Haskayne sponsored a table for staff and students to attend the Calgary Black Chamber Fundraising Dinner.

  • Relationship building with the Calgary Black Chamber.

  • Ongoing

Goal three

Align our community engagement activities and events to advance broader societal goals of equity, diversity and inclusion.


  • Updated event processes to ensure an EDI lens is applied.

  • Recognizing the critical role Haskayne can play in uplifting LGBTQ2S+ voices and embedding LGBTQ2S+ education into our programs and culture, Haskayne was proud to have 50 faculty, staff and students represent our community by walking in this year’s Calgary Pride parade.

  • Offered events open to the broader community as a part of  EDI Week (Workshops included: #Experience Autism and Tokens Lecture Series.)

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture - Goals and Progress

Goal one

Create a respectful environment where diversity of all employees and students is celebrated and valued.


  • In 2022, the Dean’s Awards introduced a specific EDI award to acknowledge staff and faculty who contribute in a significant way to support this strategic pillar.

  • Incorporated EDII content in 2022 and 2023 Staff and Faculty retreats.

  • Implementing a diversity moment in Faculty Council.

  • Hosted Black in Business mixer in 2023.

  • Offered a presentation on Indigenous perspectives during 2022 EDI Week.

Goal two

Increase the representativeness of the workforce, in all ranks and roles, to be reflective of Canada’s demographic composition.


  • Haskayne is honoured to participate in the university’s Inclusive Cluster Hiring Initiative. The Inclusive Excellence Cluster Hiring Initiative aims to build a strong network of academics who reflect the diversity of the student population and broader Calgary community. The initiative pledges to expand curriculum innovations and generate new research and scholarship. With the goal of recruiting professors from equity-deserving groups, Haskayne has identified these roles and looks forward to welcoming new faculty over the course of the next three years.

Goal three

Address EDI knowledge gap among existing staff and faculty.


  • Requiring all academic hiring committee members to partake in diversity training.

  • Have offered workshops to students as part of EDI Week aimed to improve student wellness and awareness. (Workshops included: EDIA 101: Bathroom Panic!, #Experience Autism, Tokens Lecture Series, Bannock, Business and Storytelling.)