Business Technology Management (BTMA)

BComm Concentrations

Take business further and become a leader in business management through IT innovation with a BTMA concentration. 

Do you want to be instrumental in the management and use of information Technology for strategic advantage in business? Then a career in Business Technology Management is for you!

Business Technology Management (BTMA) bridges business applications, processes, and Information Technology for the strategic management of organizations. Business process change enabled by Information Systems, and emerging technologies and processes play a key role in business transformations, BTMA knowledge is essential for the competitive positioning of dynamic organizations. Bachelor of Commerce students with a BTMA concentration will develop a critical understanding of organizational and individual use of information technologies and become skilled in the analysis and improvement of business processes through their effective application. 

Students will be able to analyze business processes and problems, design appropriate technology-based solutions to business problems, and communicate these solutions and their value in business terms. The skills developed in the BTMA concentration apply to project management, decision-making, and vast economic changes in organizations and society. With this interdisciplinary approach and diversity in application, BTMA can strengthen and combine with your interests in accounting, business process management, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, business analytics, and many more areas.

The Haskayne School of Business BTMA concentration involves industry knowledge, hands-on experience of business applications, and academic principles with a strong background in business disciplines. Our faculty members are leading edge researchers in BTMA from econometrics and value of IT to the strategic application of Data Science for business intelligence, enhancing the curriculum and providing high quality of teaching for students.

Knowledge and Learning Outcomes

A concentration in Business Technology Management will:

  • Develop your skills and abilities for discerning information needs, then selecting, assessing and applying Information Technology to meet corporate goals
  • Prepare you to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams to justify, analyze, develop, and implement Information Systems solutions to organizational challenges and opportunities
  • Allow you to recognize opportunities for business process reengineering based on leveraging the value of Information Systems
  • Provide you with hands-on experience with current Information Technologies and Information Systems tools.

To put these skills to the test, you can elect to complete your BTMA concentration by conducting a field project in partnership with a Calgary-based company to address one of their current information systems challenges.

Industry Connection

Information Technology and business analysis techniques change at a rapid rate. To ensure our graduates have hands-on experience with current methods and technologies, BTMA consults with our Industry Advisory Council (IAC) composed of Calgary's private and public sector industry leaders.

Find out more about BTMA as a professional discipline here.

BTMA Concentration Courses

Students declaring a Concentration must take a required six courses. Please refer to the University of Calgary Calendar for a description of these courses and their prerequisites. 

Students may also consider augmenting their concentration with a minor or a combined degree program

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With a BTMA concentration, recent graduates can find employment in these fields: 

Business Analyst

  • identify business problems and justify and identify potential solutions
  • liaise between the business side of an enterprise and the information technology department to deliver results

Business Technology Consultant

  • act as an internal (or external) consultant for identifying business information systems requirements and potential business process improvement
  • bring specialized Information Systems expertise to bear on challenges in Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources

Project Management

  • identify project objectives for business solutions delivery
  • determine cost/benefit analysis and project budgets as well as project governance and structure for delivery
  • recruit, organize, and manage project teams

With more experience, BTMA can offer advanced placement and future employment, including:

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Executive of Development Processes
  • Executive of Organizational Processes and Systems Support 
  • Vice-President of Business Processes
  • Applications Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Manager of Business Systems 
  • Consultant
  • Customer Support Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business-Technology Strategist
  • Information Security Administrator
  • Logistics Officer 
  • Business Process Analyst

Association for the Management of Information and Operations (AMIO)
Academic, social, and networking events are the focus of AMIO. AMIO hosts two main events: an Industry Night for career development and an Alumni night for introducing past executives to current students.