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Your ticket to the world of finance!

Finance is a multi-faceted discipline with strong theoretical and empirical foundations. For firms, finance is about choosing which projects to invest in and raising capital accordingly, as well as how to quantify and manage risk. For investors, finance is about choosing securities and portfolios to optimize the risk-return trade-off. For financial intermediaries like banks and pension funds, finance is about providing services to assist firms and investors achieving their own goals. For public entities like a country or a province, finance is about raising debt on the best terms possible. For households, in addition to saving for retirement, finance is how to best finance their homes and other capital expenditures. All economic agents are required to manage their money and capital according to their needs, circumstances and preferences: finance provides the way to do that.

Finance at Haskayne is taught in a rigorous manner to provide students with the adequate preparation to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding career. A finance student is exposed to theory, empirical knowledge, case studies, various calculations using Excel, group work, presentations, online simulations, etc. Numeracy and writing as well as analytical skills are further developed to meet the high expectations of employers. The best finance students are self-motivated, disciplined, hard-working and ready to meet intellectual challenges head-on. In addition to diversity, this is what employers are looking for when hiring new recruits with the potential of becoming successful finance managers. If you believe you fit this profile, then the finance concentration is for you.

After successfully completing FNCE 317 Introduction to Finance, you need to enroll in two intermediate courses: FNCE 451 Corporate Finance and FNCE 443 Investments. Afterwards, several electives are available which you should choose according to your finance career interests: Portfolio Management, Future and Options, Capital Budgeting, International Finance, Mergers and Acquisition, Financial Risk Management, and New Venture Finance. Furthermore, be on the lookout for special courses like Fintech or Behavioral Finance.

The Bachelor of Commerce in Finance embeds a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge and Haskayne participates in the CFA Institute University Affiliation program. This allows several scholarships to be awarded to our best finance students to sit for a CFA exam at a much-reduced fee.

One distinctive feature of the finance concentration at Haskayne is the variety of additional high-profile opportunities. CPMT, our student-lead investment fund is one of the oldest in Canada. Investment classes are also available through FNCE 449 – Trading and Market Data Management, FNCE 469 UCeed Haskayne Student Fund and FNCE 471 The Calgary Portfolio Management Trust. Our teams who have competed in trading competitions have one of the best track record in Canada. To achieve that, Haskayne has a full-fledged trading and finance lab with one of the most comprehensive array of databases and trading software in Canada. Each year our teams compete in the CFA Institute Research Challenge and ended up competing in Boston and New York in 2018 and 2019 respectively after winning the local competition. In 2018, our team won the McGill International Portfolio Challenge and shared $25,000 between four students.

Financial Analyst and Treasury Analyst

While both working in the corporate finance department of a firm, the Financial Analyst examines the financial feasibility and merit of new projects while the Treasury Analyst forecasts the short-term and long-term capital requirements of the firm and finds the most appropriate source of capital to fulfill such needs. An analyst can be promoted to such positions as finance manager, finance director, treasurer and even CFO.

Investment Banker and Corporate Banker

Banks provide various services to firms. An Investment Banker helps firms raise capital by issuing equity and long-term debt, as well as advising on mergers and acquisitions. A Corporate Banker provides firms with lines of credit and services like foreign exchange and risk management. New recruits start with the analyst title, then move up the ladder to associate, manager, director, associate VP and even Vice-President.

Security Analyst and Portfolio Manager

A security analyst evaluates the likely future return of various securities like debt or equity. A portfolio manager, using recommendations from security analysts and various optimizations, constructs portfolio of securities to match the need and circumstances of investors. Both work in the financial asset management industry at firms like mutual funds and pension funds. It is usual for such professionals to get their CFA designation.

Credit Analyst and Risk Analyst

Firms, banks and asset managers need to identify, quantify and control the various risks they are exposed to. A Credit Analyst examines the likelihood that a counterparty will default and recommend the extent to which a given credit exposure is warranted. The Risk Analyst examines various risk exposures, like exposure to commodity risk, interest risk, foreign exchange risk, etc. and recommend control and mitigation solutions.

N.B. The above are only key examples of work and positions that the finance concentration prepares for. Other fields like venture capital and private equity or trading also offers various opportunities for graduates. This conversation with our alumni and industry community highlights a broad range of exciting roles.

  • Private Equity Associate at a Pension Fund in Victoria
  • Corporate Banking Analyst at a Canadian Bank in Calgary
  • Investment Banking Associate at a Global Bank in Calgary
  • Business Development Manager at a large commodity firm in Calgary
  • Buyer at a large Canadian Oil Producer in Calgary
  • Corporate Banking Analyst at a Global Bank in Calgary
  • Manager of Investment Research and Analytics at a Wealth Management Firm in Calgary
  • Associate, Power and Renewables at a Pension Fund in Toronto
  • Manager of Strategy and Operations at a Fintech in Toronto
  • Private Equity Senior Analyst at a Pension Fund in Montreal
  • Financial Management Trainee at a global capital goods firm in Montreal
  • Investment Banking Associate at a Canadian Bank in New York
  • Investment Banking Analyst at a mid-size Investment Bank in New York
  • Senior Research Analyst at a Market Research firm in London, UK
  • Investment Banking Analyst at a Global Bank in London, UK

Over the years many clubs with a finance focus have been initiated by students at Haskayne and some funding for specific activities is available from the business school, the student union, or even sponsors. Several clubs maintain a rich web presence (e.g. CPMT, Haskayne Finance Club, Finesse Wealth Management, Haskayne Consulting Club). An internet search would reveal which ones are currently active and a good match with you interests.

  • Ari Pandes, Associate Professor, Area Chair - FNCE | (403) 220-4350