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Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration

The Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration aims to advance Canadian business practice by preparing our executive leaders to contribute to the development and application of new business knowledge for establishing long-term organizational growth.

Taught by leading researchers and world-renowned academics, the Haskayne DBA offers engaging classroom and online learning focused on applied research. Students will develop high-caliber research and critical thinking and analytical skills to solve industry and workplace challenges across sectors. 

Throughout the program, students are encouraged to draw on their professional experiences and apply what they learn to drive real-world results and to create value within their organization.

Jordan Hahn, Senior Product Manager, Vendavo

"When Haskayne launched the DBA program, it ended up being a great match for my research interests and made a lot of sense logistically for my path to doctoral completion. The program structure allows me to explore different research questions and formats, and my prospective supervisor and I hit it off right away with some inspiring and challenging discussions about a range of topics of mutual interest."

"I think the thing I appreciate most is how much Haskayne embraces the applied research focus of the DBA as a coequal complement to traditional, more theoretical PhD research. The mission really comes through from across the leadership we've had the pleasure of interacting with, and gives your research a sense of purpose and traction- we're working to keep up and extend the relevance and impact of business research in the real world."


With background is in product management and strategy consulting, Jordan has led product overhauls, pricing transformations and new product launches in B2B software, telecom, hospitality, and managed services.

He has an MSc in Business and Management Research from Henley Business School, University of Reading, where he also began his doctoral research. He has an International MBA and BSBA in Marketing from the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. He currently lives in Colorado and commutes to the Haskayne DBA program.

Jordan’s research focuses on "commercial excellence” - strategic orientation, pricing practices, and customer co-creation of value, using the hospitality technology industry as an example case of a “B2B2C” environment. He is specifically interested in strategy and execution in situations where customers/buyers are distinct and separate from end-users.

Jordan Hahn


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