Eligibility and Courses

Outgoing Students


In order to be eligible to be approved for an international exchange through Haskayne, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 20 courses (60 units) successfully completed towards the BComm requirements before you go.
  • Must have minimum of 3 of: BTMA 317, FNCE 317, MKTG 317, OBHR 317, OPMA 317 successfully completed before you go.
  • GPA of 2.90 or higher on last 10 courses (30 units) at time of application review.
    • Some of our partners, like the University of Western Australia, have their own GPA requirements, which supersede our GPA requirements. 

It is strongly recommended that you also have ENTI 317 and MGST 391 completed before you go.


BComm students can take the following courses while on exchange:

  • Concentration courses (maximum 2 courses (6 units))
    • For students in Accounting (ACCT), concentration requirements cannot be taken on exchange. 
  • Senior commerce options
  • Junior and/or senior non-commerce options (junior only if still needed for program requirements)

Please note: Students cannot take the common core courses while on exchange. These are the courses listed under “Haskayne Courses Common to all Concentrators” in your Academic Requirements report.

Start by looking at the host institution's course catalogue for courses you might want to take on your exchange. All of our partner institutions teach courses in English, and there are no language requirements for our exchange program (though it is recommended in some regions to know some basic phrases to help get around). To obtain a copy of the Course Equivalency Spreadsheet (which shows all courses previously assessed for transfer credit from past exchanges), please contact exchange@haskayne.ucalgary.ca.This spreadsheet should be used as a guideline only, as course assessments can change. If you are looking at courses at the host institution that have not been previously assessed for transfer credit, please email course outlines to exchange@haskayne.ucalgary.ca for assessment. Transfer credit assessment should be conducted after a student has been accepted for an exchange program.. 

After being approved for an exchange program, all outgoing exchange students will work one-on-one with one of the exchange program specialists to confirm their unique course list.

FOR FALL/WINTER EXCHANGES: Students must take a minimum of 3 courses (9 units) while on a fall or winter exchange through Haskayne. Students are required to take a minimum of 2 business courses (6 units) , since our partners are business schools. Some partner institutions may require that exchange students take more than our minimums - if this is the case, you must adhere to the exchange partner's requirements. 

FOR SUMMER EXCHANGES: Students must take a minimum of 1 course (3 units) while on a summer exchange through Haskayne. Since our partners are business schools, their summer programs often consist solely of business courses, however some do still offer non-business for their summer program. Some partner institutions may require that exchange students take more than our minimums - if this is the case, you must adhere to the exchange partner's requirements.