Real Estate Studies (REAL)

BComm Concentrations

By any measure, real estate is by far the most significant store of wealth, representing more than 3.5 times the total global GDP. At the end of 2017, the value of the world’s real estate reached US$280.6 trillion, the highest figure ever recorded.

An industry of this scope and size requires talent from almost every business discipline.  Careers within the industry span across residential, commercial and agricultural sectors and include careers relating to land acquisition and property development, asset management, valuation, financing, brokerage, sales and property management.

As a real estate studies concentrator, you will develop a broad understanding of the industry together with various opportunities, challenges and complexities that are present. The course topics include real estate investment and analysis, land development and planning, legal & operating environment, and marketing. The program engages experienced industry professionals and provides a rich learning experience which includes case competitions, educational travel, work internships / co-ops, involvement at industry events, and much more.

Graduates of the program have a strong foundation upon which to build a fulfilling career.