Haskayne PhD

A flexible, innovative and student-oriented approach

Please keep in mind it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the submission of all required materials and a complete application.

The PhD Program Office has a zero tolerance policy on any unacceptable behaviour, whether via email communications, over the telephone or in person.

Program FAQs

How many intakes per year? When are the intakes?

We offer one intake per year in the Fall semester.

Is the PhD Program full or part-time?

Our program is a full time program.


Can I pursue the PhD degree from a distance?

No, all students admitted to the PhD program are expected to attend courses and live in Calgary for the duration of the degree. The PhD Program in the Haskayne School of Business will give all complete applications received by our deadline date January 15th each year, a due care and consideration.

Is teaching a requirement of the program?

Yes. Students are required to teach a minimum of two courses post-candidacy as part of the program.

What is the summer research project?

Between your first and second year, you will conduct a research project for course credit during the spring and summer sessions. Guided by your supervisor, you will design and implement a research project proposal. No two projects are the same but all involve a proposal, qualitative or quantitative research, a final paper submitted for internal publication and a presentation to faculty and fellow PhD students.

Do I need to have a supervisor in place before I apply to the PhD Program?

No. Once our deadline date passes, our office will circulate complete applications to the areas applicants have applied. Faculty members within each area carefully review applications and will let our office know which applications they are interested in.

Admissions FAQs

When is the deadline for applications?

January 15th each year

Can the GMAT/GRE requirement be waived?

No. These standardized tests are our means of screening applicants to maintain the quality of our program. This requirement is never waived, under any circumstances.


Will the GMAT/GRE requirement be waived during the COVID Pandemic?

No. These standardized tests are our means of screening applicants to maintain the quality of our program. This requirement is never waived, under any circumstances.

I have submitted an application but don’t know how to upload the required materials to my application.

Once you submitted your application you would have received an email with instructions for uploading all required materials.

I have submitted a complete application, but my “to-do” list in my student centre still shows outstanding documents, how do I know if I am missing anything?

The application deadline time is an extremely busy time of year for our one Program Officer. Our volume of work is at the highest level. We do our best to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible, however, we request patience from all applicants. We update checklists as soon as possible. Please allow time for a response to your email, and make sure you carefully read any email you receive. Do not repeatedly email with the same questions.

I have all required materials for a complete application and will provide them upon an Offer of Admission. Is this permitted?

No. Our program DOES NOT extend conditional offers of admission. Only COMPLETE applications received by the application deadline will be moved to the review process.

What is a complete application?

A complete application includes ALL of the following:

  1. The payment of the application fee
  2. A current CV - submitted with online application
  3. A clear and concise Statement of Purpose - submitted with online application
  4. An official GMAT/GRE result (with scores that meet our minimum requirement) - sent directly from the registrar of that institution to the PhD office.
    Test taker copies may used until the official document arrives are our offices.
  5. ALL official transcripts - sent directly from the issuing institutions to the PhD office.
    This is common practice around the world. If you possess official transcripts, which are in sealed envelopes, you can submit them. NOTE: any official transcript not received in a sealed envelope is NO LONGER OFFICIAL.
  6. Two references, preferably academic
  7. Unofficial transcripts uploaded to the on line application

I submitted a complete application but my referees did not receive an email. What can I do?

Please send a brief email to the Program Specialist and request the email to be sent again. Make sure you mention your student ID and which referee did not receive the information.

My referee received the email but hasn’t submitted the information. What can I do?

Referees are allowed an additional two weeks past the application deadline to submit their information. Our office will send reminders.

I have submitted a complete application by the deadline date. When will I know if I will be offered admission?

By mid-February, any applicant who is being considered for admission will be shortlisted and contacted by the Program Officer about next steps.

Once all admission decisions are finalized (mid-March), any applicant not offered admission will receive and email from our office.

I’ve made the necessary arrangements to have my official transcripts sent, but they won’t arrive until after the deadline has passed. Will my application still be included in the review process?

Yes, provided an otherwise complete application is submitted including the application fee, unofficial information has been uploaded to the application and you can prove you have made the necessary arrangements for the submission of official documents.

I spoke to a faculty member who has expressed interest in working with me. Does this mean I will receive admission to the PhD Program?

It is beneficial to have interest from a faculty member, but it in no way guarantees that an offer of admission will be extended.

I spoke to a faculty member who has invited me to submit a complete application. Does this mean I will receive admission to the PhD Program?

It is beneficial to have interest from a faculty member, but it in no way guarantees that an offer of admission will be extended.

Is it ok to send my official transcripts AFTER I have been admitted? 

No. We require ALL official transcripts sent directly to our offices from the issuing institutions to consider an application complete.

How much is the application fee?

For Canadian students, $125. For International students $145.

Can I get the application fee waived?

No. We appreciate the cost involved in applying, but we cannot waive the application fee.

What are the Institutional codes for TOEFL GMAT and GRE requests?


  • TOEFL: Institutional code = 0813 Dept code = 02
  • GMAT: Institutional code = 0813 Dept code = 02
  • GRE: Institutional code = 0813 Dept code = 4201

Financing FAQs

Is there funding or financial assistance available for PhD students?

Yes. We cover tuition, provide $30,000 annually for four years, and offer generous annual travel support of up to $5,000, which allows students to attend up to three academic conferences per year. We also support students in pursuing other internal and external scholarship opportunities. Our PhD students have a proven track record of winning high profile national scholarships, such as Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Scholarship and Killam Doctoral Scholarship. More about other scholarship opportunities.

If I am awarded additional funding, will this affect my current funding granted to me as a PhD student?

No. We encourage our students to seek out additional funding. Please see our scholarships and awards page for information on potential awards and grant opportunities.

Is there funding provided for conference presentations?

Yes. We provide support to attend up to two conferences per year. The Faculty of Graduate Studies also offers travel grants for eligible applicants.

International Applicants FAQs

I am an international student who received a degree from a post-secondary institution where the language of instruction was English. Can my TOEFL/IELTS exam be waived?

Yes. If the primary language of instruction was English, the TOEFL/IELTS exam can be waived at the discretion of the director of the PhD program.

Can the TOEFL requirement be waived?

Yes, if you have a previous degree taught in English, you can request that this requirement be waived.

I have a TOEFL, can the GMAT/GRE be waived?

No. These two tests are not interchangeable.


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