Extensive Support

Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration

The Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration aims to advance Canadian business practice by preparing our executive leaders to contribute to the development and application of new business knowledge for establishing long-term organizational growth.

Our team is committed to providing extensive support to allow you to get the most out of your learning experience.

Resources for the DBA include:

  • Library resources: the dedicated librarian helps you plan and execute your research. In addition, the librarian offers tutorials to help you develop good study habits and research skills.
  • Study space: there are many spaces for individual or group study available to DBA students within the Graduate Lounge and elsewhere within Scurfield Hall. Study rooms can also be reserved at the University of Calgary’s downtown campus.
  • Academic supportthroughout the program faculty members will provide additional support when needed. Students will also have access to AnyPrep, Foundations for Business School and Lynda.com for additional training and support both prior to entering the program and during it.
  • Parking: parking is provided for those days students are on campus for classes.
  • Catering: breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided throughout the semester during on-campus courses.
  • Instructional skills workshops: develop your confidence and competence as a facilitator of learning through this four-day intensive workshop. Deliver a series of mini-lessons to your peers, receive constructive feedback and develop your ability to come a more reflective teaching practitioner.
  • Workshops and guest speaker seminars: students will have access to attend all Haskayne skill development workshops as well as research and guest speaker seminars.


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