Haskayne Evening MBA

The Haskayne MBA program aims to transform Canada’s business landscape by enabling our students to make significant contributions as individuals, and as leaders.

Program FAQs

What is the difference between the Evening MBA and Daytime MBA?

The Evening MBA is a flexible program designed for working professionals. The program typically takes students around 32 months to complete but can be accelerated or extended over a longer time if the student’s personal and / or professional situation changes.

The Daytime MBA is an immersive full-time study experience for early to mid-career professionals; the program is structured to enable students to explore career opportunities through a summer internship between the first and second year.

Note that minimum admission criteria are the same for both programs; international (visa) students are not eligible to join the Evening MBA.

What is the difference between the Evening MBA and Executive MBA?

An Executive MBA is targeted at mid to senior-level professionals who have already achieved significant success in their careers and typically manage a team, business unit or organization. The teaching style is designed to leverage the collective experience of the cohort. In addition, additional support is provided to enable the students to be effective learners despite the fact that they have not been students for potentially many years.

What is the reputation of the program?

The Evening MBA program has a strong reputation locally, nationally and internationally.

The Haskayne School of Business is an AACSB accredited business school, a recognition awarded to less than 5% of business schools worldwide. Haskayne is ranked in the 20 best business schools in Canada in 2021 by Maclean’s.

With 85% of our alumni remain in Calgary and the surrounding area, we also have a very strong local reputation with employers.

How will the Evening MBA impact my career?

Many students are seeking to make a career transition or accelerate their career through their MBA. In addition to enhancing your critical thinking skills and business knowledge there are a myriad of opportunities to expand your leadership capacity. Students benefit from networking opportunities with other MBA students and alumni, faculty and local business leaders.

Can I specialize?

Students in the Evening MBA program have the option to specialize in one of eight areas:

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development
  • Management Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Studies

For more information, see Specialization Options.

Alternatively, students can select from across the broad range of electives available.

What is the typical makeup of the class?

The typical composition of the class is as follows:

  • 3.3 average GPA
  • 620 average GMAT
  • 7 years’ average work experience
  • 35% female and 65% male

Will I stay with the same group of people throughout the program?

Assuming that you follow our standard schedule of classes and have no course exemptions, you will stay with the same group of people for all 14 core courses. For electives, Evening MBA and Daytime MBA students share classes and, in some cases, courses may be cross-listed with undergraduate business or other University of Calgary programs.

What sort of networking opportunities are there?

Integrated across the program are opportunities to network with your classmates, other MBA and EMBA students at Haskayne, MBA students from other universities, faculty, alumni and business leaders. These networking opportunities could take numerous forms, such as case competitions, guest speaker events or the Leadership Development Program.

Can I work while completing the program?

The Evening MBA is a flexible program designed for working professionals. Courses are typically delivered either in block week or evening format. The program typically takes students around 3 years to complete but can be accelerated or extended over a longer time if the student’s personal and / or professional situation changes.

How much time will I need to study?

Students in the Evening MBA program typically study, complete class work and group work for 30-40 hours per week (more in block weeks).

If I need to travel for work, can I still complete the program?

In the case of missing an individual class, students are expected to make arrangements with their faculty member and study team. If you travel extensively during the week and meet with minimum admission criteria the Executive MBA program may be a better fit with your needs.

What is the mix of classroom versus online learning?

The Evening MBA program is a classroom based program; faculty may choose to provide supplemental tutorials online through our learning management system as part of class preparation or review.

Is there more than one start date?

There is only one intake of the Evening MBA program each year, commencing in Fall.

How long does the program take?

The program duration is typically 32 months; there are accelerated options available for students who previously completed an undergraduate business degree in Canada.

What is a typical schedule for a semester?

Students typically study one block week class and two evening classes (Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday) during Fall and Winter semester and choose to study one or two evening classes during Spring and Summer.

What qualification do I receive when I complete the program?

Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration; if an individual fulfills the relevant requirements, their specialization will also appear on their parchments and transcripts.

Admissions FAQs

Do I need an undergraduate degree in business to apply?

No. There are a broad mix of educational disciplines represented in the program.

Do I need an undergraduate degree to apply?

Yes. The minimum admission criteria for both the Daytime MBA and Evening MBA include a 4 year undergraduate degree.

If you do not hold a 4 year undergraduate degree from an accredited institution but you have 7+ years of work experience, you may be eligible to apply for the Haskayne Executive MBA.

Do I need to complete the GMAT?

Yes. Our minimum GMAT score, assuming a 3.0/4.0 GPA, is 550; in addition to the overall score, we review the individual components of the GMAT.

If your GPA is between 2.5 and 3.0 (out of 4.0) please contact our Admissions Team to discuss the minimum required GMAT score which will be accepted.

If you hold an undergraduate degree in business issued in the last 10 years with a GPA of 3.2/4.0 or higher from a Canadian or U.S. university, you may be eligible to apply for a GMAT waiver.

How long is my GMAT score valid?

We accept GMAT scores within 5 years of the test date.

Can I submit the GRE instead of a GMAT?

Yes. Please contact the admissions team to confirm the required score on the GRE.

What type of references are preferred?

Ideally, we would prefer at least one of the references to come from an individual to whom you have directly reported. Both references should be well-placed to comment on your strengths, areas for development and leadership potential.

Should I submit more than two references?

There is no need to submit more than two references; we will accept a third reference if you deem it necessary.

If I fulfil the minimum criteria for admission, what are my chances of being accepted?

Of the 300 applicants each year, 120 are admitted. Whilst we review applicants holistically, the vast majority of the students admitted meet or exceed our minimum criteria.

When should I apply?

The Evening MBA admits students and awards scholarships on a rolling basis. Therefore please apply as early as possible to maximize your chances of being successful.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadlines are as follows:

Fall Entry

Final deadline: June 1

Will my application file be reviewed if some supporting documents are missing?

All required documentation is required including official transcripts before an evaluation will occur.

How do I apply for the Accelerated MBA program? The only options on the application site are for daytime or evening.

There is no separate application for the Accelerated MBA program. Please apply to either daytime or evening. We monitor all applications and once we receive your transcripts and confirm your eligibility, we will move your application into the Accelerated MBA stream.

I’m not sure if I want to apply for the Evening or Daytime program. Can I apply to both programs at the same time?

No, please only apply to one program (daytime or evening). Select the option that is the best fit for you at the time of applying. Please make a note on your application form that you are considering both evening and daytime, and then contact our office after you have submitted your application at mba@haskayne.ucalgary.ca.

Financing FAQs

What is included in the tuition?

The tuition for the Evening MBA includes course instruction only; you will also be required to pay general fees which are set annually by the University.

What should I budget on top of tuition and fees?

Students should expect to spend approximately $1,500 to $2,000 each year on books, cases and supplies.

How does the government view the program for loan and tax purposes?

The government views this program as full-time for student loan and tax purposes. The program can provide a letter in support of your loan application if required. You will receive a tuition tax receipt (T2202A) each year from the University.

What is the typical ROI of the program?

Based on our graduate surveys, our alumni recover their investment in the program within 2.2 years of graduating on average.

Can I apply University of Calgary Tuition Support to this program?

Yes. Many University of Calgary staff members are eligible to apply for tuition support. Please refer to the University of Calgary's Tuition Support Program page for more information.

International Applicants FAQs

Can I apply to the program as an international student?

No, we do not accept international applications for our Evening MBA program. Our Daytime MBA and Executive MBA accept international students.

Other FAQs

Can I enter directly into the program if I have an undergraduate business degree?

No. The Evening MBA program is designed for early to mid-career professionals who already have at least two years of professional work experience after graduation.

Am I eligible for any course waivers?

Candidates who have previously completed a business degree at a Canadian university may be eligible for up to 5 course waivers.  Please contact our admissions team for more information.

Can I transfer in to the program from another school / program?

No. This program does not accept transfers.

Domestic candidates who have been accepted into the Daytime MBA program but have not yet commenced their studies may be able to transfer to the Evening MBA program depending on capacity.


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