Graduate Computing

Haskayne IT Support

MBA Computing

Grad Lab Location and Access

There are 24-hour computer facilities for graduate students located in the Grad Study Area on the 4th floor (SH 463) of Scurfield Hall. Both wired and wireless internet access is available. An IT computing account will be required for users to log into the system. An IT account will also provide a UofC email address and further information can be obtained from the Student FAQ "Checklist for New Students" section.

Computer Equipment

There are 4 networked workstations running Windows 10. The printer in the room is on the student print queue.  There is a cost to print. The networked computers offer access to general-purpose and specialized course software.


The Grad lab contains a Ricoh printer which allows for print, copy, and scan to email functions.

MBA Society Computer Facilities Contact

MBA studends can also utilize campus wireless printing at

MBA E-mail 

MBA students are allotted the same email account type as undergraduates. For more information please refer to the Student FAQ.

PhD Computing

All Haskayne PhDs have access to a 10-computer PhD research lab in SH 499 (open 24/7) running the latest statistical software and giving students access to printing and wireless connectivity.  You will need to have your student id card set up properly to access this space.  Please contact the PhD Program Office at 220-3803.

Each workstation has:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • CutePDF Writer
  • AMOS, Matlab, Nvivo, QSR, RSPE, SAS, SPSS

Additional software is installed as follows:

  • Stata: PhD01, PhD07
  • Arena: PhD02, PhD08
  • Mathematica: PhD03, PhD09
  • SDC: PhD04
  • Lisrel: PhD05, PhD06
  • Parscale: PhD05