Course Information

Incoming Students

Course selection

You will need to include a list of 6 to 8 courses on your application (12 to 14 courses for a full year exchange). You can browse the course catalogue online prior to applying here. You will need the course code and number for your application, not the title. (Example, OBHR 317.)

The following courses are not open to incoming exchange students, without exception:

  • MGST 217
  • SGMA 217
  • ENTI 317
  • SGMA 591
  • Block week courses

In order to register in courses at the University of Calgary, you will need to obtain permission first from the faculty/department offering the course. We will review your initial list on your application, and email you with which courses we have granted permission for you to take; instructions for how to register; and how to request permission for alternate courses.

It is the responsibility of the incoming exchange student to register in courses, and confirm with their home institution regarding receiving credit for courses taken here on exchange.

Course outlines

Professors and instructors will distribute course outlines (syllabi) on the first day of classes, with information about content, assignments, quizzes/midterms/exams, and class expectations.

If you require course outlines for your home institution to confirm your exchange credit, you will be able to download course outlines from the past terms in HELLO HASKAYNE. Once you are given access to this page, you will receive an email with instructions for how to access it.

Class size

Average class size is 35 to 40 students per lecture. Maximum size is 60 students.

Course Load


  • Minimum of 2 business courses (6 units) per term
  • Minimum of 3 courses (9 units) total per term
  • If your home institution has higher minimum requirements, you must adhere to their requirements. Note: economics is not part of the business faculty at the University of Calgary.


  • Maximum of 5 courses (15 units) total per term

Each 3-unit course at the University of Calgary is equal to 3 lecture hours per week, for a total of 13 weeks for a single term.

Examinations and assignments

  • In-class assessments can include assignments, quizzes, individual and group projects, tests, and midterm exams. Details will be included in the course outline, distributed on the first day of class.
  • Final examinations/assessments can include a registrar-scheduled final exam, a take-home exam, term projects (individual and/or group), and/or oral exams.
    • Registrar-scheduled final exams are held during the final exam period (check dates here), and are mandatory. The schedule is typically released about 1 month after classes have started.
    • Incoming exchange students should not book any return flights prior to the last possible day for final exams per the schedule linked above. Deferred exams are not typically available for incoming exchange students.

Learning expectations

  • Class Format: lecture, tutorials/labs, projects, cases, research
  • Participation: class participation normally required

Official transcripts

We do not automatically send transcripts for incoming exchange students.

You are responsible for ordering your official transcript at the end of your exchange term here. Detailed instructions for ordering transcripts can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.