Costs and Funding

Outgoing Students

Tuition & Fees

Students accepted on an exchange program through the Haskayne School of Business will pay tuition to the University of Calgary for 4 courses (12 units). Students will also pay most of the general fees to the University of Calgary for their exchange term. Tuition and fees are due by the regular tuition and fee deadline at the University of Calgary, regardless of when the exchange term begins. 

Students are sometimes also expected to pay fees to their host institution. This information is provided by the host institution, after a student has applied and been accepted for an exchange.

Other Costs

There is no program or placement fee associated with the Haskayne School of Business exchange application. There may be fees for applications and/or housing with the host institution. 

Students are responsible for their own accommodation and living expenses while abroad, as well as airfare, passport and study visa fees (if applicable). Some countries require that you apply in person for a study visa/permit, which may require additional travel to a consulate/embassy outside Calgary. It is also important to consider budgeting for healthcare-related expenses (such as any immunizations required/recommended for a specific country), obtaining medication while abroad, etc. 

Many partner institutions have on-campus housing available, and some may have information about living costs in their city/country on their websites. Please check the host institutions website and use internet searches to help plan for these other costs.

Funding Opportunities

There are many funding opportunities on and off campus for students going out on an international exchange. Here are a few to get you started:

CIM Grant

Available for undergraduate students participating in the Haskayne International Exchange Program.  In order to be eligible for the CIM Grant, students must complete the following eligibility requirements:

  • Complete the minimum requirement for exchange related volunteering.
  • Complete the End of Exchange Experience Survey (link to be emailed following the completion of an exchange term).
  • Successfully pass all courses on exchange.
  • Complete and submit the CIM grant application form. (Application form will be emailed following completion of an exchange term.)

Available for all Haskayne BComm students:

Available for specific groups of students within the Haskayne BComm:

  • HSBC Bank Canada International Business Awards
    (Open to all eligible BComm students approved to participate in a Haskayne International Exchange or University of Calgary International exchange program. Priority is given to students in the International Business Strategy concentration. No student application required.)
  • Brawn Family Foundation Studentship
    (Available only to students participating in Semester at Sea exchange program. Deadline is April 30th for both Fall and Winter exchanges. Your application to the Haskayne International Exchange Program and to Semester at Sea needs to be submitted and approved before you will be considered eligible to apply to the Studentship.)