Risk Management Insurance & Finance (RMIF)

BComm Concentrations

Why choose RMIF?

The risk management, insurance and finance industries are dynamic, increasingly sophisticated and global in nature. These industries are an exciting, challenging and relevant place to work. Risk management is essential to the success of any organization by enabling it to achieve its objectives.

The RMIN program in the Haskayne School of Business is a unique program in Canada, and the University of Calgary is the only Canadian university to be designated a Global Center of Insurance Excellence (GCIE) by the International Insurance Society. The RMIF program is both practical and progressive as it is designed to provide students with an understanding of the risk management process, risk management strategies with a focus on financial risk management, Students will learn about derivatives, insurance, catastrophe bonds and other risk financing products.

What's the difference between RMIF and RMIN?

The RMIF concentration is ideal for students who are interested in working in the arena of corporate risk management or with the commercial property/liability insurance industry. For students who are uncertain about a choice between property/liability insurance and the life/health and employee benefits industry, the Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN) concentration provides a broader view, exposing the student to all aspects of the insurance industry.

Students declaring a Concentration must take a required six courses. Please refer to the University of Calgary Calendar for a description of these courses and their prerequisites.

Why choose RMIF?


Students must achieve a minimum grade of 'C' in:

  • FNCE 317
  • RMIN 317

Students must maintain a minimum grade of C- in all concentration courses after the above prerequisite courses.


Over two dozen industry-sponsored scholarships are available for RMIF concentrations.
For more information, please go to https://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar/finances/awards/search.

Financial Risk Analyst

  • Provide clients with analysis and guidance to help them with an investment decision
  • Research to determine a company's financial strength
  • Value and project its future earnings


  • Serve as the intermediary between corporate risk personnel and the risk transfer markets
  • Provide additional analysis to corporate clients as needed
  • Manage the corporate/insurer relationship to ensure the best outcome for both parties


  • Identify the risk exposures of prospective clients
  • Measure risk exposure and determine the premium that needs to be charged
  • Analyze applicants' information in order to determine the likelihood of loss and whether the risk is acceptable.
  • Account Executive
  • Associate Account Manager
  • Commercial Underwriter
  • Insurance Broker
  • Management Trainee
  • Risk Analyst
  • Small Business Underwriter

Year Two

  • RMIN 317

Year Three

  • FNCE 451
  • RMIN 459
  • RMIN 579

Year Four

  • FNCE 4XX
  • FNCE 4XX, or ECON 341, or RMIN 559

Note: Students may take RMIN 317 in later years of their degree. The specific ordering of the classes is not mandatory. RMIN 559 is typically offered in the Spring semester.

Association for Risk Management and Insurance (ARMI)
Members of the Association for Risk Management and Insurance (ARMI) are provided with professional networking and educational opportunities through organized events with industry professionals, alumni and faculty. Examples of events include: speaker nights, an annual career fair, and job shadowing days at various organizations. ARMI also provides opportunities for students to take on leadership positions and work with RMIN faculty, alumni and risk professionals. For more information, please go to http://armiucalgary.com/