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Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration

The Haskayne Doctor of Business Administration aims to advance Canadian business practice by preparing our executive leaders to contribute to the development and application of new business knowledge for establishing long-term organizational growth.

The students in the Haskayne DBA program bring a diverse mix of industry, functional and educational backgrounds. By studying as a cohort through the program, Haskayne DBA students have a high level of interaction with their classmates and professors. 

DBA students are typically senior executive professionals or academics with over 10 years’ of progressive experience in industry or instructing in a relevant field at a college or university.

In addition, you will have access to one of the most influential alumni networks in Canada as you advance your career. Take this exceptional opportunity to form relationships with, and learn from, Haskayne’s over 25,000 alumni network across more than 80 countries.

Shawn Peet, Vice President, Business Resourcing, Rosen Canada Ltd.

"The program has already provided insights on how to structure tackling problems differently. This type of analytical thinking is valuable in the workplace."

"Our cohort is relatively small. With 12 members it has been easy to interact. Aside from the collaboration in class, which has been great, we have developed strong relationships out of class."


Having spent the last 18 years in the oil and gas industry, Shawn has collected an abundance of knowledge related to pipeline integrity management. Shawn’s career began in the field of in-line pipeline inspection, working first as a technician within mechanical and electrical disciplines. From there, Shawn moved into supervision and management eventually moving to Houston, TX. There he had roles of increasing responsibility including vice president, business execution.

Shawn Peet


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