Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Learn to navigate the complex world of real estate law

This course is intended to be an introductory and broad-based course which covers various aspects of real estate law and legislation related to real estate and property in Alberta. Delivered in partnership with the Real Estate Development Institute (REDI), Canada’s leader in Real Estate Development education, this course will examine the common legal issues and applicable legislation; the Alberta Land Titles System; common documents related to real estate transactions; conveyancing; leasing and how it relates to valuation; condominium law; and litigation. Facilitated by industry experts, their local perspective on real estate development will provide learners with a realistic and practical understanding of the complexities of real estate development in Calgary and beyond.

Schedule: TBD
Program delivery: In-Person
Commitment: 18 hours
Investment: $589

Grant funding: This program could be eligible for grant funding that can cover up to 2/3 of the program costs. An Executive Education team member can help you bundle courses to meet the minimum hours needed for eligibility. For more information:

Participants come from a variety of fields including real estate development, banking, government, architecture, planning and engineering. The program is aimed for those who aspire to work in field of real estate development, expand understanding of the development process, and benefit from local expertise, perspectives and gain hands-on experience.

Participants who attend this course will learn to:

  • Review and describe an Alberta Land Titles Certificate
  • Recognize common Land Titles encumbrances and their implications
  • Explain key sections of residential and commercial purchase and sale contracts
  • Explore key aspects of commercial leases
  • Improve communication with legal and related professional advisors using your knowledge gained in the course.

Robert Fooks, MBA, LLB, is the head of the Corporate and Commercial Practice Group for McLeod Law.  He advises commercial clients, financial institutions and healthcare professionals with a particular focus on real estate, including commercial property transactions, leasing and financial transactions involving land as security. Robert is a Registered Trademark Agent, assisting clients with obtaining trademarks, and providing guidance on the management and monetizing of trademarks and other related intellectual property.