Haskayne Student Experiences Fund

The Student Experiences Fund (SEF) is intended to support the Haskayne Experience. The School’s vision must reflect the values of its namesake, Dick Haskayne, by honouring his lifelong commitment to principled business leadership characterized by ethics, sustainable practices and community service. Innovative programs, rich experiential learning opportunities, and excellent instruction create a superior experience for those enrolled in the School’s programs.


Thank you for your interest in the Student Experience Fund (SEF). Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, SEF will be funding activities involving travels as per the University's travel guidelines.


The SEF will support the Haskayne Experience through the following mission:

  • deepen connection to community through engagement and partnerships
  • provide rich experiential learning opportunities so that students further develop their skills in research, teamwork, problem-solving, critical-thinking, effective communication, and a spirit of community service
  • expand opportunities for students to gain national and international experience


  • reinforce student innovation and empower students to foster feelings of ownership, involvement, and connection to this mission through individual and team extra-curricular and curricular activities
  • positively impact student learning by allowing them to think pro-actively about development opportunities, and emphasizing the value of student experience both inside and outside the classroom
  • reduce financial barriers to activities to maximize the number of students participating in these activities, and to offer experiences students who would not normally pursue professional development opportunities

What initiatives SEF supports

  • SEF is intended to fund extra- and co-curricular activities. Activities that are curricular or for course credit are not eligible for SEF funding.
  • Initiatives that have received or will receive funding from the University are not eligible for SEF funding.
  • The available funding for any given year will be allocated between the fall/winter/spring semesters.
  • Initiatives will only be funded for the first three years to get established. Once the initiative is established, it will be considered for base Haskayne funding and no longer eligible for the SEF. The Dean will decide which of these initiatives may move to core funding.
  • A percentage of overall funding would be allocated to each of these 4 areas below and preference will be given to students who have not received SEF funding in the past.
    1. Competitions:  competitions that are in the first three years of Haskayne participation are eligible for SEF funding – these could be student or faculty led initiatives.  This may include individual competitions or team competitions.  Students may, or may not have a coach.
      e.g. Ryerson Ethics, X-Culture Conference, Entrepreneurship Conference
    2. Enhanced Educational Experiences:  students may attend conferences or participate in community projects, service learning or research.
      e.g. Geeky Summit, Network of Empowered Women Conference
    3. Group Activities: student clubs, organizations, or individuals who are developing and running a new activity.  This may include things like hosting a conference, competition or event, or starting/expanding a club.
      e.g. Student Athlete Community Association
    4. Faculty Led Initiatives: Faculty driven initiatives that are intended to provide new and innovative enhanced learning experiences that are not for course credit.

Application steps

  1. Read the full SEF Policy and Judging Criteria Documents
  2. Complete all written sections on the application form (individual application form or group application form)
  3. Attach a detailed budget
  4. Attach any supporting documents
  5. Read the Haskayne Student Code of Conduct
  6. Obtain faculty/staff support signature on your application form
  7. Print the application form, scan it and upload to the SEF section (Dropbox) on either the Hello Haskayne (undergrads) or MBA D2L Student Site (grads).

Claiming Your Funds

Below are the steps you’ll need to follow to obtain your expense reimbursement from the Student Experiences Fund for the experience that you have received approved funding for. This to be completed along with your Activity Report within ONE MONTH after you have taken part in your experience.

  1. Complete your activity report using the template that is available. Failure to submit an activity report along with your expenses will lead to your expenses not being paid.
  2. Print off a copy of your original budget included in your application.
  3. Complete the non-employee expense reimbursement form provided. Total your expense form and be sure to include as much detail as possible.
  4. Separate your receipts by expense type (indicated on your application budget - ex. accomodation, travel, etc.)
  5. Tape your receipts on to blank pieces of paper in the order in which they appear on the expense form, being sure to write the matching item# from the expense form beside it.
  6. Include proof of event/program participation as well as your boarding passes if applicable (to be included with receipts).
  7. Copy all of the documents for your own records.
  8. Put the completed expense form, the receipt pages (including boarding passes and proof of participation), along with the original application budget in a labelled envelope. Don’t forget to include your activity report!
  9. Submit the hardcopy of your forms in the provided envelope to the Dean's Office reception desk on 3rd floor (SH 343).

Once expenses have been submitted for processing, you can expect your payment to arrive in 4-6 weeks. Please let us know when you have received your payment so that we can mark it in our records.