Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Complement your MBA with a graduate-level four-course certificate

Why Business Intelligence and Data Analytics?

This certificate is intended for Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates who wish to develop their data management skills, increase their understanding of business intelligence and analytic technologies, and extend their ability to effectively communicate data analysis to non-technical professionals. Upon completion of the four graduate courses in business intelligence and data analytics, students will receive a formal certificate demonstrating they have achieved “graduate business level” knowledge and acquire skills in:

  • Data management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Business analysis and business improvement
  • System analysis and design
  • Change management
  • Artificial intelligence

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics enables graduates to extract and interpret data, manage the information technology requirements with an organization, and oversee the introduction of new technologies.

What Will I Learn?

To earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, students must successfully complete the following four required courses. This graduate certificate can be completed in as little as eight months.

Organize, store, and manage available data using relational database technologies and generate insights through business analytics techniques.

Discover tools, methods and software packages used in data analytics to collect, organize, and prepare clean data for analysis.

Explore enterprise analysis and management of IT-enabled solutions to business problems. Emphasis is placed on problem identification, requirements determination, process analysis, enterprise architecture design and IT auditing using the COBIT framework.

Discover tools and methods used in data analysis and mapping methods, such as data mining, text mining, machine learning, social network analytics and preference mapping, and their application to business data analytics.

What are the Admission Requirements?

To be admitted into this graduate certificate program, applicants must have a Master of Business Administration degree or equivalent from a recognized/accredited post-secondary institution.

Note that the certificate program accepts new students for each fall term. The application for admission will open September 15 and close on May 1 each year.