Accelerated MBA

Tuition and funding

Your Haskayne Accelerated MBA is an investment into yourself. Find our how you can fund the next step of your career.


Visit the graduate studies calendar for up-to-date tuition and general fees.

  • Canadian and permanent residents: $27,964.67
  • International: $44,495.54

* Tuition is based on Fall 2023. Tuition is subject to change. Please visit the Graduate Calendar for up-to-date tuition information.


More than $650k was awarded to Haskayne MBA students last year. Explore some of the entrance and continuing scholarships available to you.


  1. Award amount

    Hakayne entrance scholarships are between $1,500 and $3k per individual.

  2. Selection criteria

    Haskayne entrance scholarships are awarded based on prior academic success, including undergraduate GPA and GMAT scores.

  3. How to apply

    You will automatically be considered for an entrance scholarship when you apply to the program. Note that as per admissions, entrance scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis so you are encouraged to apply early in the admission cycle.

  1. Award amount

    Donor-funded scholarships are anywhere between $800 and $18,000 per award; note that the total annual award to a student does not normally exceed $20,500.

  2. Selection criteria

    Donor-funded scholarships are awarded on the basis of a broad range of selection criteria based on students’ educational and professional background or interests.

  3. How to apply

    Students will be notified in April of available awards and how to apply. If you believe that you are a strong candidate for a donor-sponsored scholarship, we encourage you to apply to all that are applicable to your individual background.

Recognizing the strategic advantage that is gained through building leadership capacity, many leading organizations have chosen to fully or partially fund participants in the Haskayne Accelerated MBA.


Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is a training program where an employer applies on behalf of their present or future employees for eligible training costs. Eligible employers are required to contribute a minimum of one-third of the total training costs for existing employees. Government contributes two-thirds of the cost to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee per fiscal year.

If your employer is based in Alberta, please refer to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant website to check if you and your employer are eligible to apply for this grant.


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