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The intersection of business and digital worlds

June 13th, 2024

Learn from our key speakers and researchers from UCalgary—Dr. Mohammad Keyhani, Dr. Alfred Lehar and Dr. Sule Nur Kutlu. Explore how blockchain can eliminate intermediary costs and securely tokenize assets. Discover how connected and automated vehicles can improve traffic flow and road safety. Gain insights into trust and privacy regulations on online platforms and the importance of a multipronged approach to data security. Understand how AI is driving a new Industrial Revolution, transforming business structures and offering a wide range of roles and possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence
Generative AI is transforming our world. Dr. Mohammad Keyhani explores new pathways created by generative AI in the science and practice of organization.

Blockchain and crypto
More than just digital asset trading, they revolutionize traditional business sectors. Dr. Alfred Lehar explores how smart contracts can automate and secure transactions like real estate deals and business invoicing.

Trust and privacy in data management
User data management is a critical issue for businesses. Dr. Sule Nur Kutlu will discuss how empowering users to control their own data can increase data sharing on websites, and caution that the management of shared data can significantly impact a business's reputation.

Panelist: Ross Ballendine
Ross Ballendine is the Vice-President, Information Technology for Trimac Transportation, one of North America’s largest Bulk Transportation companies. He began his career in finance leadership roles before moving into the IT domain. As a CPA, Ross has a high degree of understanding and empathy for the users of technology solutions, and believes that technology should be delivered pragmatically and as a direct enabler of strategic business value. Ross’ career spans several industries, including manufacturing, Oilfield Services and most recently with Trimac Transportation, where Ross is spearheading a strategic cloud data architecture initiative.

Panelist: Danielle Gifford
Danielle Gifford, a dynamic leader and Director of AI at PwC, has pioneered substantial advancements in technology across multiple sectors. Her expertise in AI, AR, and cloud technologies has driven innovation and strategic investment, making her a pivotal figure in technological evolution.

Panelist: Neeraj Gupta
Neeraj Gupta is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and co-founder of start-ups including Lawcubator, FormulateIP, and Kfx Labs. He is the Chief Advisor for Technology & Innovation Investments at Invest Alberta and a board member of various organizations, including Platform Calgary and the Canadian Blockchain Consortium.

Moderator: Eric Wong
Eric Wong is a Senior Manager in Accenture’s Strategy & Consulting practice with 15 years of experience in Organizational Change Management, Organization Effectiveness, People and Culture, and Leadership. He currently leads Accenture Canada’s initiatives on understanding the impacts of generative AI on work and workforce dynamics.

Dive into a curated series of engaging talks and panel discussions featuring industry leaders who explore the real-world implications of cutting-edge research. At HBX, we go beyond presenting ideas—we deliver actionable knowledge that empowers you to drive your professional growth.

HBX is rooted within UCalgary’s transdisciplinary principles and themes that spans across a large spectrum of research fields. It’s about breaking down barriers between different fields of study to tackle complex problems.

Digital world - HBX

"We deliver actionable knowledge that empowers you to drive your professional growth."

Digital world - HBX

These complex problems are about how we thrive as people and as a society. How can we design, plan and build a sustainable, healthy community? How can our energy systems use new ideas and technologies to manage the multiple and sometimes conflicting needs of society, economy and environment? And how can we begin to transform our systems and society to be more equitable, inclusive and diverse so we can all thrive? Explore with us. Listen and engage in conversation. Take new ideas back to enhance your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the solution.

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