Student FAQs

Haskayne IT Support

Haskayne Information Technology Support would like to ensure that technological barriers are removed from your studies. Please click on a category below to read more. Whether you need questions answered about our computer labs, making copies, buying a personal computer from the UofC Microstore, configuring your email or accessing the internet from within Scurfield hall, we're here to help!

Who can use the student computer labs in Scurfield Hall?

The computer labs in Scurfield Hall are open to all University of Calgary students.

When are the labs open?

The labs are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Labs may be booked for classes during the daytime and evenings. Please check the schedules posted outside each lab.

Why is there no group work permitted in the labs?

Unfortunately, when the labs were built, they were built for the single user. It gets extremely crowded and noisy when there are several groups crowded around the machines. This policy is relaxed when the labs are not busy. 

Why does it get so crowded in the labs?

More and more business school course work involve the use of lab software to complete assignments and projects. The labs are usually crowded on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

Why are there so many course bookings in the labs?

Because course work involve the use of lab software, more and more courses are booking the labs to run labs and tutorials for their students.

Why can't I use a computer when the lab is booked and there are a bunch of computers not in use?

When an instructor books a lab, he/she has a choice of booking the lab either exclusively or non-exclusively. When the lab is booked exclusively, only the students registered in that course are permitted to be in the lab. Normally an exclusive booking can only be made if the instructor can guarantee the lab will be at least 75% full. There is the odd exception, however. 

Why are all labs sometimes booked for classes at the same time?

Normally, we try to keep all bookings to Lab 2 (SH 105) so that Lab 1 (SH 183) is open at all times. However, with courses requiring the use of software for course work, the demand for lab time is higher than ever.

How do I print in the labs?

The lab printers are equipped with a Unicard Reader which allows you to pay for print by swiping your card.

Alternatively, please navigate to to print via the web.

What if I encounter software/hardware/printing problems?

If you encounter problems with software, hardware or printing, call 220.5555. A support person will respond as soon as possible.

For print reimbursement please go here:

Can I install my own software on a lab machine?

No. The lab machines are for the most part write-protected. Adding non-approved software could seriously affect the performance of installed applications.

How do I request the installation of software in the computer labs?

If this software is to be used in conjunction with a specific Haskayne School of Business course, then the request should be made by your instructor. If you would like to make a request for generalized software, please make the request in person at the Information Technology Support office (SH 158).

Can I play games in the labs?

No. The labs get too busy to allow anything other than school-related work.

Can I get an internet connection for my laptop in the labs?

No. Please do not unplug a lab machine. This action disrupts the network and may set off a security alarm. There are numerous wired and wireless internet connections located throughout Scurfield Hall.

Is a laptop recommended over a desktop computer?

No. The choice is yours. A laptop computer provides mobility but may be more costly. Scurfield Hall offers internet plug-ins or wireless access for laptop computers in most common areas, classrooms and meeting rooms.

Is there a recommended brand of computer?

No. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a computer is how easy will it be to get hardware/software service if required.  Important items to consider are weight, screen size, and a touch screen for annotations.  Kickstand tablets such as the Microsoft Surface can also be considered.

  • PC Users
    All specialized software used for Haskayne course work is supported by Windows.

  • Mac Users

    We understand the Mac user's commitment to their computer.  However, Apple products are not recommended for this program.

    Microsoft Office for Mac does not have the ability to run most macros or add-ins designed for Microsoft Office for Windows.  Microsoft Access, Power BI, Project, and Visio do not run on Apple computers.  Some third party applications used in the program will not run on an Apple computer.

Is there a recommended configuration?

No. It would be ideal, however, to cover at least two years of technology change with the configuration you select. Generally, if you are purchasing new, you will not be underpowered.

Is there any particular software I should have?

  • Microsoft Office. A free license is provided with your Office 365 account.
  • An effective and free anti-virus can be obtained from Microsoft and is called Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • A current version of a web browser.
  • You will also be provided with a University IT computing account to use while you are a student at the University.

What is the email storage quota?

Presently students receive 50GB of email storage with Office 365

Can I use a different e-mail account?

No, email forwarding is not enabled as part of your Office 365 account.

How do I configure my computer at home to access my campus e-mail?

You can read your e-mail from home using one of several options. Click here for more information on Office 365.

What if I forget my IT computing account user name or password?

Click here to reset your password.

Which mailing list am I on?

Mailing lists are used by faculty, staff and other students to send important program information to you.

Once you receive your campus e-mail address, you will be subscribed to the mailing list appropriate to your year in the program. The MBA mailing lists are not published on this web site. Please contact the MBA Program Office for more information. Click here for more information on campus mailing lists in general.

Where is my classroom?

Students can find their way around campus by using the various maps found on the UCMAPS page. The map is interactive. 3D flythrough maps can also be obtained there as well. A list of the various building abbreviations and their respective addresses can be obtained from the Building Search List.

Where can I park my car?

The UCMAPS page displays the various parking lots available on campus. Parking permits can be obtained by navigating to