Getting Started Guide - Students

Haskayne IT Support

All members of the University of Calgary require a UofC IT account in order to utilize services such as UofC emailDesire2Learn, IT computer labs as well as the Syndicate room booking system. After acquiring an account, allow for the UofC system overnight to update as some systems will not be accessible until then.

To ensure the least amount of conflict, all students new to the University of Calgary are encouraged to have the following 4 set up.

Checklists for New Students

UCalgary ID

Upon being accepted to the University of Calgary, all UCalgary students will be issued a UCalgary ID number. The UCalgary ID number is required to write midterms and final exams. Should a student forget their ID number, please contact Main Campus IT at 403 220 5555.

IT account

A UCalgary IT account is required for students to access the computers on campus. The IT account also grants access to D2L, email, Computer Labs and Syndicate Room (available to undergraduates only) bookings. It also gets you an Office 365 account and campus email mailbox.


An eID will allow access to the MyUofC portal. If any difficulties concerning eIDs, UCIT accounts and UCID numbers occur, please contact Main Campus IT at 403 220 5555 Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM. or Weekends from 10AM to 2PM. You can also email them at


The Unicard is your UofC ID card. The card is required for final exams, use of campus recreation facilities, and is also used for the Calgary Transit UPass.

Services available to you

Desire2Learn is the University's online course management system. D2L is used to deliver course resources, provide learning activities, access communication tools and complete assessments. The features accessible to students within D2L will vary according to the instructor's chosen format.

D2L Student Help

  1. Bringing your personal computer

    When bringing your personal computer to campus, ensure that you have done the following:

    • Updated the Windows/MAC operating system with the latest patches
    • Updated for anti-virus software and scanned for viruses
    • Are not running file sharing software (i.e. BitTorrent)

    Your computer becomes a security risk anytime it is out-of-date or running unsafe software. The campus network group constantly scans the network environment for potential security risks and will disconnect any computer found in such a state. If you suddenly cannot access the internet, try rebooting your computer and reconnecting to AirUC-Secure. If this fails your computer might have been found to be a risk. Visit the UC IT Support Centre for help re-establishing your internet connection.

  2. Purchasing a computer

    All programs in HSB (Haskyane School of Business) make extensive use of computers in course work. Scurfield Hall offers excellent access to student computer labs at all levels, however labs can become extremely crowded during peak times. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase either a desktop or laptop computer for academic use.
    For more information see the student frequently asked questions page.

Internet and e-mail access can be obtained by plugging into one of the numerous ethernet connections available in the open study areas, syndicate rooms and other designated areas.

Your laptop will need an ethernet connection which must be configured to automatically obtain an IP (Internet Protocol) address from the business school's DHCP server.

If you discover a bad port, please report the problem to our Student Help Line at 403.220.5555.

Students can also access the internet using the AirUC-Secure wireless network on campus.

  1. Locations

    On the 1st floor of Scurfield Hall, we have 2 Undergraduate labs (SH 105 with 45 PC seats, SH 183 with 63 PC seats)

    The 3rd floor houses the N. Murray Edwards Trading Lab (SH362).

    Lab Policies and Guidelines

  2. The 30 Laptop Mobile Lab

    The 30 laptop mobile lab is available to faculty members for Haskayne courses. The OSCM academic area receives first access to this resource.  The mobile lab carts must remain in Scurfield Hall.

    To book the mobile lab please contact Janice Elliason.

  3. Request Software for the Lab Computers

    If you would like a piece of software installed on the lab computers then a request must be made through Service Now for the appropriate approval process.  The Service Now request catalog item to search for is titled 'Software Request for Personal and / or Lab computers.

    Haskayne ITS requires 8 weeks notice to install and test all software. Please allow time for you to test it yourself so that you know how it functions before classes begin.

    Information on what software is already installed on the computers can be found on the Computer Labs section of the Undergraduate Computing page.

Laser printing in the Scurfield Hall labs is available for a fee. Students will need to be in possession of a valid Unicard and will need to have funds registered on the card. Printing is charged at

  • 8¢ per page for black & white
  • 20¢ per page for colour

How to Print

  1. Submit your print job from your workstation.
  2. At the printer console use the mouse to select your print job(s) which will be identified by your username.
  3. NOTE: You can select multiple print jobs for simultaneous release.
  4. Swipe your Campus Card in the card reader located next to the printer.
  5. Click on "print jobs" button in lower right corner to release your print job(s).

Alternatively, you can print wirelessly by navigating to .

For more on printing, please see the Student Frequently Asked Questions page.

There are 10 syndicate rooms on the first floor of Scurfield Hall that can be reserved by undergraduates. The syndicate rooms are private rooms with a monitor.

To reserve you need:

  1. to be an undergraduate student
  2. to test your student card to make sure it is activated. Test your card to see if it opens one of the syndicate rooms.  If it does not visit the Undergraduate Area to have your card activated.
  3. reserve a syndicate room online.

The University of Calgary is committed to creating a safe and healthy living and learning environment.  The health and safety of our employees, students and the general public are the highest priority of the University of Calgary's Emergency Management Program. 

Our emergency preparedness measures shall ensure a timely and appropriate response to emergencies to protect the safety of our employees, students, and the general public, as well as property and the environment, from any harm that may occur.  You can also download the UCalgary Emergency App for your smartphone.

To find out more and to sign up, click here.