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It takes a village to raise a child, and it may feel like a parent’s responsibility doesn’t end when they finish high school.  We all want the best for our children no matter how old (or young) they are. 

Adjusting to university life can be a challenge, especially for first year undergraduate students.  They have enough on their plate in their first semester without worrying about their careers!  Encourage them to use their first term to settle into their new role as a university student.  When they are ready, the Haskayne Career Development Centre is here to help them.

The HCDC has given me a variety of opportunities to refine my skills and become more employable. This year, I prepared for future opportunities at the Mini Career Boot Camp and attended my first Networking Unplugged. As a first-year student, the HCDC gives me the confidence to pursue my career by laying the foundations for success early on!

Emily Chen, BComm ACCT student

How you can help

Ways to help your Haskayne Student

  • Listen.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Help your student find information (don’t force it on them).
  • Encourage your student to read e-mails and newsletters from the career development centre so they know of upcoming events and job postings specifically for Haskayne students.
  • Be an employer; encourage your organization to post a position for a current (e.g. summer or Co-op) or graduating student on Elevate.
  • Become a mentor via the BMO Mentorship Program
  • Promote networking; this can be with your co-workers, friends, neighbours, and others in your professional or community networks.
  • Be supportive if your child has a different career path in mind than what you envisioned for them.
  • Avoid telling them about how it was when you were their age.  Things have changed!

Career planning and development

  • Encourage your Haskayne student to review the career resources on Elevate.
  • Now that they are in university, it’s time for them to update their résumé (guides, samples, templates, and a checklist are all available on Elevate) via Vmock.
    • You can review their résumé for grammar and spelling, then recommend that they have a Career Development Specialist or a member of the Haskayne Career Crew do the final review.
  • When they are ready, encourage them to visit the Haskayne Career Development Centre (we’re open all year – appointments can be booked via Elevate).

We really love this article on how to talk to your kids about finding a career:

Haskayne Career Development Centre

The Haskayne Career Development Centre provides resources and expertise that teach our students the steps they can take when seeking employment – for now and in their future careers.  We do not “place” students in Co-op, summer, or new grad roles directly. We help Haskayne students by offering a range of services and support including:

  • One on one appointments with a career development specialist (BComm), career consultant (MBA & MMgmt), or peer advisor (Career Crew) to explore career options.
  • Career planning workshops and career “boot camps”.
  • Practice interviews with industry professionals.
  • Co-operative Education program.
  • MBA-specific career sessions.
  • Catalyst program for Master of Management students.
  • Information conversations with alumni.

What is Co-op?

Co-operative education (Co-op) is an optional program for BComm students.  Students in the program alternate full-time studies with full-time, paid work.  Students are encouraged to apply for the Co-op program in the Fall semester of their second year.  Please refer to the program information page for admission requirements and application deadline.

Working or volunteering while studying

The best job candidates are the ones who have a well-rounded set of skills, knowledge, and experience. Employers tend to look beyond academics when hiring. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has put together a list of “career-readiness” skills. Often these skills are developed outside the classroom via part-time work or skills-based volunteering. 

Deciding to work while in full time studies is not a choice to be made lightly.  The student should review their academic workload and only pursue work opportunities if it will not negatively impact their academics – this includes volunteering and extra-curricular activities both on and off-campus.

The Haskayne job board also includes postings for part time and volunteer roles. 

What kind of job will my child get when they graduate?

Haskayne students and new grads are hired across all industries – all over the world.  Where your child ends up depends on several factors including their interests, efforts, skills development, and the current economy in their chosen region. 

Other student support resources on campus: