Haskayne Research

Research activities at the Haskayne School of Business take on a variety of forms that include applying for grant funding, publishing peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, books, business cases and professional articles, as well as presentations at conferences and other institutions. Researchers in our faculty also host seminar series, conferences and visiting faculty members.

As part of our commitment to business communities in Calgary and around the world, we are working hard to make our research available and accessible. To achieve this, our researchers regularly engage with business professionals and industries in Calgary and beyond.

Research News

Research conducted at Haskayne is leading-edge and inter-disciplinary. It complements research in a wide range of disciplines, not just within the faculty, but also across the University of Calgary and beyond. It offers practical insights for business practitioners.

Research Round-up

Research Round-up is a newsletter published by the Office of the Associate Dean (Research) at the Haskayne School of Business. Published quarterly in January, April, July and October, it provides details of awards and honours, published works, presentations, media appearances and other intellectual contributions from Haskayne faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students.

Research Grants

Grants and contracts from the Federal Research Councils, Canadian and international public and private funders strengthen our capacity to carry out leading-edge research.

Published Cases

Business cases are frequently used as teaching tools, as they allow students to figuratively step into the position of a decision-maker facing a particular decision, opportunity, problem or challenge. This web page lists business cases published by Haskayne faculty, graduate students and research staff.

Most Cited Papers

One of the most commonly used citation metrics is how often an article was cited in other articles, books, or other sources (such as theses). This web page lists all publications from HSB faculty members that have received over 500 citations on Google Scholar.

Peer-reviewed Articles

Publications in top-level management journals represent a signal of quality that is useful for the evaluation of intellectual contributions by research-active faculty. The Haskayne School of Business has developed the Eyes High journal ranking list to provide guidance to faculty regarding journals that are recognized as top outlets for their work. Journals in the Financial Times 50 list are also recognized as top quality.

Dean’s Research Scholars

Dean’s Research Scholar Awards are bestowed on Haskayne faculty members, except for holders of named Chairs and Professorships, who publish in Haskayne’s Eyes High (extended) journal list.

Most Cited Faculty Members

The Haskayne School of Business is pleased to have many highly influential researchers in our faculty. This web page identifies our 10 most-cited faculty members (total citation counts on Google Scholar).