Student Funding and Scholarships

Haskayne Student Experiences Fund

The Student Experiences Fund (SEF) is intended to support the Haskayne Experience.

The SEF will support the Haskayne Experience through the following mission:

  • deepen connection to community through engagement and partnerships
  • provide rich experiential learning opportunities so that students further develop their skills in research, teamwork, problem-solving, critical-thinking, effective communication, and a spirit of community service
  • expand opportunities for students to gain national and international experience

Haskayne Student Levy Fund



Semester at Sea

Created through a generous gift from the Brawn Family Foundation, the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is proud to support undergraduate students from the Haskayne School of Business to participate in the Semester at Sea program with the support of a Brawn Family Foundation International Studentship valued at $15,000. This funding is intended to cover part of the program’s tuition fees.

SU Travel and Conference Funding

Your Students’ Union believes that not all lessons can be learned in the classroom. Many times valuable lessons are learned through networking and challenging yourself through competition.

SU Travel and Conference Funding is available to all full and part-time undergraduate students at the University of Calgary wishing to attend a conference or competition related to their area of study or professional development.  This funding is available on an individual basis only (even if you are travelling as a group):

Students are eligible to receive up to two (2) Travel and Conference funds per academic year, each fund is a maximum of $250.00.

Student Activities Fund

Have you been asked to present at a conference? Planning an event for your peers, or participating in a service-learning initiative? Maybe you’ve never been to a conference before, and you’re looking to get involved with one! We’re committed to providing you with an outstanding student experience. We’re also committed to helping you to build your leadership identity. Financial barriers shouldn’t limit your involvement in any of the above, and for this reason, the University of Calgary created the Student Activities Fund (SAF). You can apply to the SAF for funding towards co-curricular activities that promote student engagement and contribute to your leadership, educational, and professional development goals.

The Student Activities Fund is awarded through the Leadership and Student Engagement office, and is a joint collaboration between the University of Calgary and Students’ Union Quality Money.

SU Quality Money

Quality Money is a unique partnership between your SU and the U of C. Each year the SU is provided with approximately $1.5 million from the U of C Board of Governors to invest in projects that will enhance the overall student experience.

Each fall semester, the SU invites Quality Money proposals from students, faculty and other members of the campus community. The major stipulation of these proposals is that the project or initiative must contribute to one of the Quality Money Funding Pillars. The definition of each funding stream can be found in the application package.