UCeed Haskayne Student Fund

UCeed Haskayne Student Fund

Be a part of Western Canada’s first university-based private equity fund managed by students, for students.

The UCeed Haskayne Student Fund launched in Fall 2020 with 15 students from various faculties working together to make investments and manage a real-dollar portfolio while completing innovative coursework. Students receive a FNCE credit following the completion of a two-year commitment with the UCeed Haskayne Student Fund.

Coursework includes presentations and interactions with some of the leading investors and innovators in our community and direct participation and interaction with CDL members and investors.

What is the UCeed Haskayne Student Fund?

  • UCeed Haskayne Student Fund is a real-dollar fund managed by and for students over the course of a two-year commitment
  • Students will co-invest in start-up companies alongside experienced angel and seed fund investors
  • Professional oversight and coaching will be provided by Innovate Calgary’s UCeed Fund Program and Creative Destruction Lab-Rockies

Who can apply?

Graduate and undergraduate students with two years left in their studies. Students across all faculties with comparable backgrounds may be considered. We look for a broad range of applicants with an emphasis on interest, work ethic and diversity of experiences and background.

Application deadline for 2024-2025 is 11:59 p.m. Sunday, March 3, 2024.

Available positions:

Associates (5-7 positions available, annually)

  • Support and present ideas to Fund Managers; weekly student/faculty meetings
  • Due diligence reviews and background work related to the investment opportunities

Program benefits

  • Best-in-class curriculum designed by the Haskayne School of Business
  • Half-year FNCE course credit (FNCE 469 or FNCE 669) for qualified Fund Managers
  • Unparalleled hands-on learning experience