Effective Decision Making

Haskayne Executive Education

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Program Delivery: Blended

Location: University of Calgary Downtown Campus

Commitment: 22 hours

Investment: $2,525
This program is eligible for grant funding up to 5 weeks prior to program start date. 

Professional Development Hours: 22 CPD hours towards CPHR re-certification.

Sound decision making is fundamental to achieving organizational goals. Today’s leaders operate in highly complex and dynamic environments characterized by rapid change and irreducible uncertainty. To succeed, leaders must hone their judgment and critical thinking skills, and develop effective decision making tools and processes.

In this blended program, you will explore the various elements of decision making and methods to cut through information overload and analysis paralysis to make better and faster decisions. Through multiple simulations, this interactive program is designed to develop your awareness of the numerous barriers to effective individual and group decision making.

You will learn how to identify your blind spots and patterns (biases and assumptions) that may be sabotaging your decision. You will explore how intuition and social dynamics influence your decisions and develop skills to navigate various complexities.

  • Identify common pitfalls in the decision making process
  • Identify and practice effective behaviours for achieving objectives
  • Determine which decisions require intuition or a structured framework
  • Develop your ability to navigate multiple goals, competing stakeholders, and vast amounts of data
  • Improve collaborative decision making processes
  • Executives and managers who are responsible for making complex decisions in their organizations
  • Leadership teams that need to consider multiple perspectives when making decisions
  • Professionals who require a method of developing and presenting quantitative proof to all stakeholders prior to implementing decisions

Program investment is $2525 per participant and includes the following:

  • Virtual program launch and orientation to the virtual learning platform
  • Two online units, two face-to-face (classroom) sessions
  • Certificate of Completion from the Haskayne School of Business
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments during classroom sessions
  • All program materials including two virtual simulations, two face-to-face simulations and all copyrights

Loren Falkenberg, PhD
Loren Falkenberg is the Associate Dean (Strategic Initiatives) and a professor at the Haskayne School of Business. Loren regularly works with organizations on strategic planning and decision making.  She has taught decision making/negotiations for 30 years, and is the co-academic director for the Directors’ Education Program in Calgary.  She has published numerous studies, won research awards and is the case section editor for the Journal of Business Ethics.

Mehdi Mourali, PhD
Mehdi is an associate professor of marketing at the Haskayne School of Business. His work focuses on understanding how people make judgments and decisions in the marketplace. In particular, his work investigates how psychological factors, such as motivation and affect, interact with environmental factors, such as the social and physical contexts, to influence consumer judgement and decision-making.