Information for employers

Mitacs Business Strategy Internship (MBSI) program

Eligibility requirements

Employers must:

  • Be a for-profit OR an incorporated not-for-profit organization, OR a municipality
  • Contribute $2,500 towards each internship grant


Employers must:

  • Offer adequate training, coaching, supervision and mentorship to students during the internship
  • Ensure that the internship is approximately 450 to 480 hours in length (approximately 30 hours per week from May to August, 2021).
  • Provide an offer letter which details the term of employment directly to the student

All students must have an assigned supervisor from their employer that they report to. The supervisor will:

  • Assign work, set expectations, answer questions and provide general supervision directly to the student
  • Support the development and oversight of the student by providing onboarding, training, mentorship, coaching, performance management (feedback) and answering technical related questions
  • Be available during the assigned working hours of the student. If they are unavailable, they will assign an alternative supervisor
  • Meet (in-person or virtually) with the student and their Internship Advisor at Haskayne three times (at the beginning, the middle, and the end) during the internship to check-in on overall progress
  • Meet (in-person or virtually) with the student weekly to oversee the progress of their project

How to apply

All employer internship applications will be collected and processed through the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation's online portal.

Your application will take approximately 35 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about the application, you are welcome to contact Haskayne Career Development Centre at We are available to provide application support.

The application consists primarily of short paragraphs (unless otherwise indicated). You can save your application once in-progress and you are encouraged to have the following information prepared in a separate document before proceeding:

  • Background/Rationale: Explain the current state of your organization with reference to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and describe how an intern is important to your organization’s future success and business strategy.
  • Internship scope and anticipated internship activities: Describe the strategic analysis to be undertaken and any subsequent key activities to help restore, modify or pivot business operations in a new business environment disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The key skills you are seeking from student applicants (bullet points)
  • Internship impact and desired outcomes: What specific contributions will the internship provide to your organization or Canada? What are the challenges facing your company or sector that it will address?
  • Skills and knowledge enhancement: Describe the top three skills areas expected to be enhanced for the student as a result of the completion of the internship and how the internship will enhance these skills.
  • Interaction and deliverables: Provide an outline of the anticipated interaction between the company supervisor and the student, including the supervision and mentorship that the student will receive, as well as the frequency of these interactions and meeting structure. Please outline what format the final deliverable will take and how it will be presented to your organization.
  • Job description for posting: Provide a job description as you would like it to appear on student job posting. The job description should include any job requirements/preferences in place for students and a list of roles and responsibilities.

Application instructions

  1. Click the "Go to employer application site" button below.
  2. Register for an account by following the prompts in the Registration section.
  3. Once you click Register, you will receive an account confirmation email from the Hunter Centre. If it is not there, please check your spam folder. If you cannot find the account confirmation email, please contact
  4. Open the email and click the confirmation link.
  5. From here, you can begin to submit your entry.
  1. Click “Start new entry”
  2. The entry is divided into 4 tabs: Details, Company/Organization Information, About the Internship, and Job Descriptions. (click on the link for the job description template)
  3. Click on the menu for “Project” and choose “MITACS BSI Project”.
  4. Complete the information on each of the 4 tabs, click "Save & next".
  5. The final tab is “Job Descriptions”. Complete the information and then click “Save and close” to save your draft.
  6. Click on “Submit entry” to submit the entry.
  7. Once you click “Submit entry”, you will be brought to a confirmation screen and will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any problems please contact Leah Bortolin at or the Career Centre at

After you apply

  • We will inform you by email of your application outcome
  • If your application is approved, your internship will be posted on our internal job board for two weeks for students to apply
  • Once your job posting closes, we will forward you the applications received for your internship
  • You can proceed with your preferred hiring process and select a student for your internship
  • Once a student is selected for your internship, you must inform us of your decision. You will need to make a hiring decision and inform us of it.
  • Mitacs will invoice your organization for $2,500 plus GST per internship

Employer FAQs

For-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as municipalities across Canada can apply to participate and receive funding through this program. Except municipalities, publicly funded organizations such as provincial governments and post-secondary institutions are not eligible employers under this program.

For this program, not-for-profit organizations are charities, associations and others as along as they have official registration.

There are 50 internship positions for January starts and another 50 positions for May starts.

Employers can apply from January 4 to 31 for positions starting in May. 

Winter internships will begin in the week of January 4 or January 11, 2021. Summer internships must begin no later than May 3, 2021.

Ideally, internships are four-month (450 to 480 hours) in length. If you select a student who is taking classes in the Winter term, the internship can be completed by a combination of full-time and part-time hours. Despite of the start date, all internships must finish by August 31, 2021.

Each internship is approximately 450 to 480 hours in length, which equates to approximately 30 hours per week for four months. Depending on the start date and the actual hours worked per week, the students can complete their hourly requirement full-time in the Winter term, or part-time in the Winter term and continue their internship either full-time or part-time into the Spring/Summer terms. Despite the start date and full-time vs. part-time status, an internship must be 450-480 hours in length.

Mitacs will invoice the company once the application has been approved.

No. As long as the internship is within 480 hours, employers are not required to pay compensation in addition to the $2,500 contribution.

No. The program is intended to support employers with matching funding from Mitacs and Haskayne, to create new opportunities that would otherwise not be feasible.

University of Calgary will be paying the students directly. Mitacs will be invoicing the employer and reimbursing University of Calgary for the outstanding amount.

Yes, international students qualify for this program, but there are restrictions. International BComm and MBA students are allowed to work full-time during the summer (May to August) and up to 20 hours per week during Fall and Winter terms. Other international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week throughout the year. International students must reside in Canada during the internship.

Individual internships through this fund are limited to 480 hours per student. Employers can make additional fund applications for multiple student hires. Employers can also make additional funding available to hire the student to continue working after the internship. Such arrangements will be out of the scope of this program.

Each student can receive up to a maximum of $10,000 funding per internship from the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship program.

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