Teaching Development and Initiatives

Teaching and Learning

The Office of Teaching and Learning facilitates initiatives that support the development of a culture of excellent teaching and learning at the Haskayne School of Business: peer consultation and feedback opportunities, Lunch & Learn workshops, Instructional Skills Workshops, Haskayne Reads professional development reading club, and support of the active learning classroom. The Office of Teaching and Learning supports and promotes several initiatives on both an as-needed and recurring basis.

The Office of Teaching and Learning, along with the Haskayne Teaching Fellows, hosts a variety of professional development and mentoring opportunities each year. These activities include learning circles, teaching squares, and opportunities to participate in Open Classrooms.

Haskayne’s first active learning classroom, the W.E. (Bill) Richards Classroom, is an innovative, technology-enhanced learning space that has been purposefully designed to promote collaborative, problem-based learning.

The generous support of 23 donors, including Haskayne alumni, enabled the redevelopment of a computer lab into this dynamic learning space equipped with a table mic, whiteboard, and wirelessly accessible, shareable screens at each of the 10 group work stations.

Active Learning Spaces on Campus:

'Anyone who walks into these spaces wants to teach in them'

‘Innovative new facility at University of Calgary reimagines what it means to teach and learn

Hosted by various members of faculty, most often our Teaching & Learning Fellows, Lunch & Learns will be held periodically throughout the year. Each session will address a relevant teaching topic, such as new teaching strategies, assessment tools, technologies, and student resources that will help increase student engagement and facilitate improved student performance in the classroom. At the end there will always be time for a general discussion about challenges and successes that you are experiencing in your classes. Lunch is provided!

The Haskayne School of Business hosts the Instructional Skill Workshop (ISW) in collaboration with the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. ISW serves as a perfect platform for Faculty, Instructors, Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students to come together and enhance the teaching effectiveness in a small group settling. This four-day intensive professional development session helps to further develop learner-centered approaches through hands-on practical teaching activities. ISW participants work closely with peers and trained facilitators in a supportive environment to establish a participative dialogue about instructional methods, and to deliver and receive feedback within small groups

A certificate is awarded to recognize completion of all aspects of this workshop.

The workshop will be held annually in late Spring (end of May or early June, depending on scheduling).  The opportunity to sign up for the Haskayne ISW will be communicated to all faculty, sessional instructors, and PhD students when the workshop is scheduled.

The first Haskayne Teaching Unconference, hosted by Haskayne's Teaching Fellows on October 6, 2016. An Unconference is an informal get together where people split into small groups to discuss (ask, share, learn, brainstorm, etc.) specific topics that interest them. After every 30 minutes, each group provides a quick update on their discussion then participants are free to choose which group they would like to join for the next session.

Topics can be anything that people are interested in (flipped classroom, teaching analytical topics, dealing with students on devices, using survey technologies in-class, administering exams and grades, publishing in teaching journals, etc.).

Dates for future Unconferences will be announced yearly.

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