Sept. 28, 2021

Stackable and Innovative: Embedded Certificate in Leadership Studies

UCalgary offers credentials in leadership, supported by the Haskayne School of Business
Stackable and Innovative: Embedded Certificate in Leadership Studies

There is a solution for students interested in exploring the foundations of leadership, developing tangible leadership skills, and applying these skills to real-world projects in their own areas of study: a stackable certificate program available to all UCalgary undergraduate students.

The Embedded Certificate in Leadership Studies proposes to approach leadership studies from multiple perspectives as well as from across disciplines. This certificate will be based on the best available evidence regarding leadership and learning. The program contains elements such as mentorship that have shown to be effective for developing leaders in organizations, the community, and society at large. The goal is to provide perspectives on leadership, as well as individual leadership education.

Let’s take a moment to examine the certificate itself. Embedded certificates are programs designed to fit into a bachelor’s degree without extending the length of study. These programs are sometimes referred to as stackable credentials: they are intended to give students multiple skills beyond their core area of study which can then assist in career development. This embedded certificate contains six courses, two core courses, and four approved elective courses.  Many of the available electives are courses that students may have already taken towards their degree. Early planning is the key to taking the certificate electives you’re most interested in. The Leadership Studies certificate is available to students in most undergraduate degree programs at the University of Calgary.

The first group of students enrolled in the certificate have started as of this September 2021, with a full roster of undergraduate students who are interested in developing their leadership. Students interested in the certificate can apply for a program revision to add the certificate to their degree through their student centre.

You can learn more about the program here.

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