Nov. 29, 2021

CCAL Peer Network: Learning small leadership practices that make a big impact

First year students hear from industry leaders on why it’s important to start developing their leadership now
CCAL Peer Network: Learning small leadership practices that make a big impact

In Fall 2020, the CCAL Peer Network (CPN) program moved to an in-class format inside of the course Strategy and Global Management 217 (SGMA 217). Through a series of leadership tutorials, the CCAL Peer Network (CPN) gives first-year business students the opportunity to engage with CCAL and start building their leadership potential. The CCAL Peer Network tutorials provide Haskayne students the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences (peers and industry leaders), develop important leadership fundamentals, practices and habits, and learn how to put it all into practice.

This year, the CCAL Peer Network sessions invited leaders from the community to join us as panelists to dive deeper and provide insight into leadership practices and habits that have helped them in their personal and professional lives. The panel discussion ended with a Q&A where students could ask any question to the leaders. Students then moved into breakout rooms to discuss with their peers about how they can put these leadership learnings into practices.

The 2021-2022 CCAL Peer Network focused on the following evidenced-based leadership practices and habits.

CPN Leadership Tutorial #1 – Engage

This session focused on Peer Networks and Relational Leadership.  Students were encouraged to think about how they are going to engage with their degree and how it applies to leadership and the people they will work with this year – from  peers to professors. Students also learned that maintaining strong peer networks and relational leadership opportunities require their behaviors and actions to be conducive to people wanting them in their network.  

Craig Hampson, Senior Vice President of People & Culture at ATB Financial (MBA 2017), and Alice Han (BComm 2021), former CCAL co-op student and Haskayne alumni joined us for this session. Craig and Alice gave students valuable insight into why first-years need to start thinking about leadership now, the importance of building strong personal relationships and of developing your operational network now, and what they can start doing to set themselves up better for the future.

Through the work of Hermina Ibarra on Strategic Networks and Craig and Alice, students learned that the networks they develop now will provide support for the challenges and opportunities they face throughout their degree.

CPN Leadership Tutorial #2 – Activate

This session focused on working in groups and working with others.  Students learned what leadership practices they can activate to help ensure they and those they work with are achieving their best. Students were encouraged to use their group assignments and projects as a way to start building their leadership capabilities in being able to work with all kinds of people and as one of the best ways to build their network strength.

CCAL brought in Liam Laidlaw, a Haskayne Masters of Management graduate (2021) and former captain of the Dinos volleyball team, to give insight and share his experiences. As the former captain, Liam knows what it takes to build a synergistic group and the many leadership practices and habits that are needed to help a team accomplish a common goal and achieve their best successes.

CPN Leadership Tutorial #3 – Leadership Impact

This session focused on professionalism and bringing your best. Students learned about small leadership actions that can help create a big impact for themselves and others and that will help them maintain professionalism and bring their best to every situation.

Jamie Clarke, Calgary entrepreneur, global adventurer & international speaker, brought his incredible stories and experiences about the power of showing up, doing what you say you are going do, and delivering on your promises. Jamie challenged the students to think about, “what kind of leader do you want to be? what do you want to be known for? Think about that and now do that every single time.”  Students had a front row seat to the power of starting these small leadership practices now so they can be ready and equipped to tackle great adventures and opportunities in the future.

Needless to say, the three CCAL Peer Network sessions held this Fall semester were a tremendous success. The framework laid out through these sessions will leave a lasting impact on students and allow them to further develop as leaders well after the end of the course. We cannot wait to meet the next semesters’ SGMA 217 students!

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