April 8, 2021

The Strategic Shift

Learn to think like an executive and reap the benefits of strategic thinking

As leaders, the pressure to effectively guide the organization through an ever-changing competitive landscape is becoming increasingly challenging.  Being personally equipped to successfully navigate our present and future environment requires a frame of thinking that if harnessed ensures leaders remain effective.  The capability to combine long-term and innovative thinking to ensure your organization is well-positioned for the future continues to be the essential competency that differentiates a successful and resilient leader. 

One of the most powerful learning discoveries consistent amongst our learners at Haskayne Executive Education is clarity in understanding the true meaning and application of strategic thinking.  Being an effective strategist requires discipline to critically evaluate and anticipate an organization’s needs while swiftly acting before being forced to respond.  As a result of the reward and satisfaction associated with short-term execution, many leaders become unknowingly less future-focused, which ultimately does not drive the results necessary for their organization to remain competitive. The pivot from day-to-day to long term focus is achievable through a deliberate shift in thinking that is both critical and strategic.  However, many leaders are left wondering, how they can facilitate this transition?

Built on the foundational elements of strategic thinking, Haskayne Executive Education offers a Strategic Leadership Development Program, to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge, and behaviours to elevate their leadership capabilities. Throughout the six month program, learners are guided through a journey of integrated sessions that build upon the concept of strategic focus providing opportunity to apply this lens across a variety of topics such as, innovation, transformation, effective decision making, and discovery of personal brand. Through the Strategic Leadership Development Program, learners are provided with the personalized mentorship, coaching, and practical application of concepts to an Applied Learning Project to ensure new skills and ways of thinking are refined and sustained.  

Designed for experienced leaders and high potential talent, the Strategic Leadership Development Program will inspire learners to be strategic thinkers, provide practical steps to develop a strategy, and the fortitude to apply this frame to other fundamental elements in their leadership practice. Following completion of the program, learners will be well prepared and positioned for their future.  From successfully rising to the challenge of a promotion, becoming a strategic agent of change, fostering a deepened sense of personal leadership brand, or expansion of professional networks to include like-minded peers and expert Haskayne faculty, learners will experience growth and development from this elevated learning experience. 

Join the Haskayne Executive Education team to learn more about the Strategic Leadership Development Program at upcoming live Information Sessions taking place in June, September, and October. If unable to attend the session, please contact us for a personalized consultation to understand the program in more detail and how it will support the achievement of your personal and professional learning aspirations. Additional program information can also be reviewed here.