Faculty & Staff FAQs

Haskayne IT Support

The Haskayne Information Technology Support team is here to help you with any technical question you may have about your workspace. Below you'll find answers to common questions on such topics as how to use the Haskayne network, how to solve any problem you may have with your internet connection, using D2L, renting out a loaner laptop, helpful advice for new staff and faculty, what's involved in getting your computer upgraded, how to configure your email.

The Haskayne School of Business is a part of the UofC campus LAN. 

The HSB LAN is also connected to the campus network to provide access to the Internet, e-mail and other tools provided by UCIT.

Q. What do I do if I forget my user name or password?

You can recover/reset your account here. If you need further help, please contact the ITS Service Line at 403.220.5555.

Q. Is there a spot on the network where I can save files and no other users will see them?

Yes. If you are logged on to the HSB network, double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and you should see an N: drive. This is your own private space on the campus faculty/staff server. 

Q. Is there a spot on the network where I can save files to be shared by others?

Yes. Again, if you double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, you should see a Drive S. If you double-click the S: drive, you will see a folder titled after your particular area, e.g. MGIS, ITS, etc. Your area folder is only available to those in your area. If you need a folder to be shared by only certain members of your area or other Haskayne personnel, please make a request through the ITS Service Line at 403.220.5555. Server drive and access information can be found here.

Q. What do I do if I'm not able to see my N: and S: drives?

You have lost your connection to the HSB network. If this is the case, you will still be able to access the internet but not the HSB network. Please call the ITS Service Line at 403.220.5555 or email itsupport@ucalgary.ca for information.

Q. Where are Internet connections available in Scurfield Hall?

Internet jacks are located in the following areas of Scurfield Hall:

  • at the tables and study carrels in the public areas on the second, third and fourth floors of Scurfield Hall
  • 1st floor public areas
  • Syndicate Rooms on the first and second floors
  • Faculty/staff meeting rooms
  • Grad Study Area
  • at each seat in the EMBA classroom (SH 257)
  • faculty/staff offices. In this case the internet jacks are mostly used for desktop machines which also connect to the HSB Local Area Network.

AirUC-Secure wireless is available throughout Scurfield Hall. For more information about AirUC-Secure wireless click here.

Q. I forgot to bring my ethernet cable for my laptop, can I borrow one from ITS?

No, ITS does not have spare ethernet cables for loan.

Where can I use wireless in Scurfield Hall?

Wireless is available everywhere in Scurfield Hall.

Q. Why am I not able to see my network drives while connected to the Internet?

When you plug in to an Internet connection, you are not connecting directly to the HSB Local Area Network. You are simply gaining access to the public Internet. If you need help connecting to the school's network, email itsupport@ucalgary.ca

Q. What do I do if my machine loses its connection to the Internet?

You may not connect to the Internet for one of the following reasons:

  • your ethernet cable has come loose and is unplugged either from your computer or from internet jack. Push the cable in to both connections and make sure it clicks. If this does not solve the problem, please contact the IT Service Line at 220-5555. 
  • your computer has been cut off from the network by IT due to a virus or because your machine has not been updated with the latest patches. Again, please contact the IT Service Line at 220-5555 for help.

Q. How do I get course web sites created?

A web site for each course at Haskayne is automatically created. If your course is missing, please call the IT Service Line at 220-5555 or email itsupport@ucalgary.ca. Be sure to include the course number, year and lecture number (for example, Fall 2006 SGMA 701 L01).

Q. How does my student get access to D2L?

To access D2L the student must log in using their IT account log in. If the student does not have an IT account, he/she will need to register for one. To register for an IT Account click here.

Q. How do I get help when I'm using D2L?

Please call the UCIT Help Desk at 220-5555 or e-mail itsupport@ucalgary.ca

Q. My question is not on your list. How can I learn more?

For more information regarding D2L or other e-learning tools click here.

Q. Why might I need to borrow a laptop?

ITS laptops are most often borrowed by users who have desktop machines and need the temporary use of a laptop for travel out of town or for presentations outside of Scurfield Hall.   A minimum of 2 days notice is required for any loan request.

Q. Who is eligible to borrow a laptop?

Those eligible to borrow laptops include faculty, staff members, and PhD students. Other students may be given permission to borrow machines, but an instructor must take responsibility for the loan. Area Secretaries often borrow machines for students taking accommodation exams.

Q. Can I borrow a laptop to use in a class/tutorial I'm teaching?

Those needing laptops for presentations or teaching in Scurfield Hall should call Communications Media at 220-7080.

Q. What if something happens to the laptop while I have it off-campus?

Those borrowing laptops will be asked to sign one copy of an "Authorization for Off Campus Use of Equipment" form. This copy is kept with ITS, another is to be kept with the laptop at all times. The form includes information about the machine and notes any peripheral equipment that has been loaned with the machine and is needed for insurance purposes. If a machine is lost or stolen while on loan, the borrower should report this to the ITS Service Line at 220-7381 as soon as possible.

Q. What kind of laptop technology is available?

The majority laptops are Dell Latitude E6440 models.  We have one Apple laptop available for loan.

Q. What software is available on the laptops?

Microsoft Windows 10

  • Microsoft Office 2016 - Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows Media Player

Q. Is there a limit on how long I can borrow a laptop?

We try to lend machines to accommodate the needs of our users, however, if there is a high demand for laptop loans, the loan time may be quite short. Generally, machines go out for five-day loans.

Q. How do I book a laptop?

Please contact Haskayne ITS directly at itsupport@ucalgary.ca.

Q. What exactly happens during a machine upgrade?

An upgrade typically involves the transfer of your data and any personal software applications that you may have on your old machine to a newer, more powerful machine.

Your new machine will initially be configured with the school's standard software. When your upgrade takes place, the newer "generic" machine will be personalized with your data and any personal software.

ITS will contact you to schedule your upgrade and provide you with some instructions for preparing your old machine to be upgraded.

This process usually takes half a day for desktop computers and a full day for laptops.

Q. What happens if I am missing some data on my new machine?

When your upgrade takes place, ITS will ensure your e-mail, bookmarks, address books,  and your Documents folder are transferred to your new machine.

However, in the rare case where data gets missed, ITS will store your old machine for a period of 10 days after you receive your new machine. If the 10-day store period has not passed, you can simply contact ITS to have the data transferred from your old machine.

When the 10-day store period expires, ITS will back up a copy of your profile. This copy will be kept for a period of one month. If you need a file restored during this one-month period, please contact ITS.

Q. Why will ITS only keep my old machine for 10 days?

Typically, when summer upgrades occur, the school will purchase a number of new machines and cascade the remaining machines. When you receive your new machine, chances are that your old machine will be re-assigned to another user with a lower-end machine. That user's machine will then be re-assigned to someone else and so on. This way, the oldest machines are phased out and everyone gets upgraded to a more powerful computer.

In order to keep the upgrade process running smoothly, ITS is not able to hold on to your machine for more than 10 days. Please check your new machine for missing data or programs before your 10-day store period has expired. It is much less time consuming to copy missing files from your old machine than to restore them from the back up copy.

Q. If my old machine gets re-assigned, will the person who gets it have access to my personal data?

No. Once your 10-day store period has passed and ITS has backed up a copy of your hard drive, ITS will then re-image your old machine. This means that your hard drive is completely erased and replaced with a clean new generic configuration ready for the next person.

All new faculty, staff and PhD students can be provided with a Haskayne email alias to be used for official university correspondence. This is the address that will appear on your business cards.

When you arrive at the university, a campus mailbox will be created for you by UCIT which you will need to activate. You will initially be given an e-mail address reflecting the campus e-mail system. ITS can then create a second address on your original campus mailbox reflecting the Haskayne School of Business.

Q. What e-mail address should I use?

The original e-mail address provided to you by IT will be a combination of your IT user name followed by @ucalgary.ca.

The e-mail address provided to you by the Haskayne School of Business will appear as firstname.lastname@haskayne.ucalgary.ca. This is the address you will be required to use for all official university and program correspondence (including mailing lists).

Q. How do I get my new Haskayne email alias?

Once you have activated your IT computing account, you will need to contact ITS to have your new Haskayne email alias created.

Q. What do I need to do to start using my new Haskayne email alias?

The Haskayne School of Business uses Microsoft Outlook as the standard email client. Your Exchange email alias will be updated automatically in Outlook. Your Haskayne email alias will appear in both the HSB and campus on-line directories.

Q. How do I configure my computer at home to read my Haskayne e-mail?

You can read your e-mail from home using one of several options. Any e-mail client that supports the Microsoft Exchange will work.

  1. Follow the instructions that come with your e-mail client software to create a new mail account.
  2. Campus Webmail system

Q. Now that I'm using my new Haskayne email alias, what happens with the address (@ucalgary.ca) that campus IT originally created?

Nothing. It still exists. Any e-mail sent to you regardless of whether it is sent to your Haskayne address or your campus address will go to the same mailbox. Just keep in mind, if you've already configured your e-mail software with your Haskayne address, then when you send new e-mail or reply to existing e-mail, your Haskayne address will be attached to the outgoing mail.

Q. What if I forget my Haskayne e-mail password?

You can reset your campus passwords with this utility - https://password.ucalgary.ca/

Q. Help! I need to recover a deleted email!

To have emails or email folders restored, please send an email to itsupport@ucalgary.ca. You can also call them at 403-220-5555. Explain what folder/email was lost and when you last saw it. Messages that are deleted reside within backup for up to 30 days. Afterwards they are purged from the system and are no longer available for recovery.

Please note that emails are backed up nightly. As a result, if an email was received prior to a backup, no recovery is possible.

Q. What e-mail account management utilities are available online?

Everything from changing your password, setting up a vacation message to checking your available disk space. You will be required to log in using your IT user name and password to perform any account management functions on your campus/Haskayne e-mail account.

Q. How do I access my Haskayne e-mail when I travel?

You can use the University of Calgary's Exchange OWA system to read your Haskayne e-mail from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Again, because your Haskayne email alias is set up on your campus e-mail account, you will be required to log in using your IT user name and password to use online mail. Please navigate to https://office365.ucalgary.ca.

Q. My Haskayne email alias doesn't appear to be working. Who do I contact?

You will need to contact IT at 220-5555 or email itsupport@ucalgary.ca.

Q. Where do I go?

You can find your way around campus by using the various maps found on the UCMAPS page. The map is interactive. 3D fly-through maps can also be obtained there as well. A list of the various building abbreviations and their respective addresses can be obtained from the Building Search List.

Q. Where can I park my car?

The UCMAPS page displays the various parking lots available on campus. Parking permits can be obtained by clicking here .