July 20, 2020

Haskayne School of Business and Mitacs partner to help businesses adapt to new economic realities

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Haskayne School of Business and Mitacs partner to help businesses adapt to new economic realities

The Haskayne School of Business, in partnership with Mitacs, is excited to launch the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship (MBSI) program. This program will provide real-world experience and career connections for students while at the same time supporting businesses and non-profits to adapt their operations to the new economic realities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our graduate and undergraduate students are eager to apply their knowledge to business challenges,” says Kaili Xu, director, student success, Haskayne School of Business. “This program leverages funding from Haskayne and our partners to create opportunities for our students and business community that otherwise would not be feasible. We are excited for this innovative partnership and we look forward to seeing the impact of this program for both businesses and our students.”

Funding partnership

For each internship, Mitacs will contribute $5,000, the Haskayne School of Business will provide $2,500 and the employer will fund the final $2,500, toward the total amount of $10,000 students will receive for the four-month internship.

“Mitacs is delighted to partner with the Haskayne School of Business to drive innovation and to support these very talented students in developing important work experience,” says John Hepburn, Mitacs CEO and scientific director. “These internships are a valuable investment in both our COVID-19 Canadian economic recovery and our collective future. We recognize the Government of Canada for its significant investment to enable these internships.”

Projects will be structured for students to undertake a strategic analysis of the organization with a focus to restoring or adapting business operations. Organizations will be able to interview and select from students who have applied for the internship through the Haskayne Career Development Centre’s Careerlink.

Internships can begin as soon as possible, but the earliest are expected to begin in mid-July. The last date for an internship to begin is Sept. 15, 2020. All projects must be completed within four months after the start date and by no later than Dec. 31, 2020.

Apply early for limited spots

Demand is expected to be high for this program, so employers are encouraged to apply early. Applications opened July 2, 2020. Applications will remain open until 50 internship positions have been filled.

Applications for students opened July 8, 2020. The internship postings are expected to fill quickly and will have shorter deadlines than typical job postings. All Haskayne Business School graduate and undergraduate students (both domestic and international) who are returning to studies in September 2020 are eligible for this program. Students must be living in Canada throughout the duration of their internship to participate in this program.

Interested employers and students are encourage to visit the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship (MBSI) program web page or contact careercentre@haskayne.ucalgary.ca.